Tom Acciavatti wins Dominiak Cues Tour season finale

The 2009 season of the Dominiak Cues Northeast Amateur 10-Ball Tour concluded with its tour finale July 18th hosted by the beautiful Pool Table Magic in Windor Locks, CT. Along with the tour finale Mark Kulungian owner also hosted his annual Meet & Greet Cue Show. The combination of events created a memorable day for pool fans in the northeast as there was a full house all day and 2 deep to the bar and kitchen. Some of the top cuemakers and dealers were in attendence to show their amazing cues throughout the day and evening.

After everyone had a chance to start drooling over all the gorgeous cues tournament director Kevin Vidal called signups for the tournament around noon. After a quick season tour awards ceremony 40 players signed up and we were ready to rock and roll in the race to four $20 entry 10-Ball event.

Tom Acciavatti was steadily making his way through the top half of the winners side with wins over Mike Wheeler, Josh Lerner, Kevin Blackstock then 13 year old junior sensation Kevin Sun to reach the hot seat match. On the bottom half of the winners side we saw Chris Grader make his way to the hot seat match with Tom accumulating wins over Scott Winchell, Eric Tang, Roger Lakotko and lastly a win over Richard Barrett. This hot seat match between Tom and Chris would go hill/hill with Tom Acciavatti coming out on top in a very close match to take a seat in the finals.

On the 1 loss side there was several very close battles going on. The top half of the 1 loss side saw Ryan Bijur battling his way through after an early loss taking down wins in 5 matches until he ran into Roger Lakotko who was waiting after suffering his recent loss on the winners side. Roger came out on top in this close one then quickly got called to his next match with Shen who was also battling his way through in the same bracket. Roger's day ended in 7/8 place as Shen pulled this one out to move on to waiting junior sensation Kevin Sun. With steady shotmaking and brilliant safeties Kevin Sun kept this match in control and ended Shen's day in 5/6th. The bottom half of the 1 loss side would see Drew Smith rolling along with 7 wins in a row after a first round loss. Starting of the 1 loss side he caught a bye then scored wins over Jonah Okun, Eric Tang, Jason Hutchins, Kevin Bachio, Kevin Blackstock and Richard Barrett to meet up with Kevin Sun. Both players played brilliantly but in a close match Drew was able to send Kevin Sun home in 4th place. Waiting for Drew in the final match to the finals was Chris Grader who had been sent earlier by Tom Acciavatti. Another hill/hill battle ensued between Chris Grader and Drew Smith with Drew coming out on top for a clean sweep of the 1 loss side for Drew to make the finals.

About 10pm Tom Acciavatti and Drew Smith were called to the table for the 1 race to 5 finals for the cheese! Both players had been playing great all day and they both carried it into the finals as we saw some great shooting and safety play from both. The match stayed close trading wins until a couple small errors from Drew opened the door for Tom to take advantage late in the match. Tom Acciavatti went on to win 5-3 in the finals and takes home the title of tour finale champion.

We would like to thank all the northeast players for all their support in a great first season of the Dominiak 10-Ball Tour. Also a huge thank you to the sponsors of the tour who made it happen and we look forward to your support and working with you once again in the upcoming 2010 season starting in Sept. 2009.

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The Dominiak Northeat Amateur 10-Ball Tour 2010 season schedule is now up on the tour website , and inquiries can be directed to TD Kevin Vidal at .