Top players falling in Carolina

Larry Nevel

The Carolinas Open 9-Ball Division is nearing the end of play on Saturday night and the top players are dropping from the brackets quickly now.

Saturday matches saw Danny Basavich eliminated by Dan Lavoie, Mike Davis eliminated by Sammy Monday, Tony Chohan eliminated by Dave Bollman, Keith McCready eliminated by Tony Crosby and McCready had eliminated Jonathan Hennessee and Larry Nevel eliminated by Dennis Hatch.

Players still on the winners side include Shannon Daulton, David Crocker, Ryan McCreesh, Ray Martin, Johnny Archer, Scott Frost, Rodney Morris and Jeremy Jones.

Brackets for the 9-ball division are online, as well as a Diana Hoppe photo gallery from the event.

We will have complete results from this event on Sunday night.

Photo courtesy of Diana Hoppe - Pool Pics By Hoppe