Tot leads unbeaten bar table players

Sandor Tot

The 9-ball division at the 10th Annual U.S. Bar Table Championships got underway on Thursday with 115 players competing for the $5000 first prize.

The winners side is down to sixteen players and the one-loss side will play down to sixteen on Thursday night. Matches lined up on the winners side for Friday will feature Sandor Tot vs Glenn Atwell, Ike Runnels vs Nick Kruger, Tony Balzer (who sent Frankie Hernandez to the one-loss side) vs Jeff Heath, Ken Richardson vs Len Swisher, Jose Parica vs Vince Tedesco, Stan Tourangeau vs Tyler Edey, Scott Tolefson vs Mike Stevens and Danny Medina vs Tyler Luce.

Players still alive on the one-loss side include Dave Hemmah, Frankie Hernandez, Chris MacDonald and Jesse Bowman.

The 8-ball division will get underway on Saturday with 120 players already signed up.

Photo courtesy of Diana Hoppe - Pool Pics by Hoppe