Traveling, Jasmin Ouschan from Austria visits Canada to win the King Custom Cases 2007 Classic WPBA Qualifier

Jasmin Ouschan

Dooly's, Waterloo, Ontario hosted the Tiger Canadian Women's Pool Tour Stop #6 on September 9/10th, 2006. The King Custom Cases WPBA Classic 2007 Qualifier drew a field of 25 participants for the two-day tournament. While the majority of the participants were local players, the event attracted one new player to the CWPT, Austria's Jasmin Ouschan. Jasmin recently traveled to North America to compete in the IPT's World Open 8-Ball Championship held in Reno, Nevada. And since it's a short haul from Reno to Waterloo, Jasmin scheduled the CWPT Qualifying event into her visit! Jasmin is 2nd place in the Worlds women's division and she has won many Olympic and Pro events. This time, she has her heart set with a career as a Pro player in the WPBA. "She is going into the right path, and it won't be long before she becomes Pro. We are very excited to see her play at our event. She is very professional and a great shot!" said Carolina Fernandez CEO Canadian Women's Pool Tour.

With $1,000 added including the WPBA Qualifying package, sponsored by King Custom Cases, and a record-breaking seven semi-pro caliber players in the draw, it was a very exciting weekend at Dooly's. Room manager, JD Botsford, was once again a superb host to the CWPT and helped ensure that the event ran smoothly.

Sunday's match for the Hot Seat drew many spectators to see Austria's Jasmin Ouschan pitted against Toronto's own Maureen "Mo" Seto. Jasmin wins the lag, breaks, and makes a ball, but does not have a shot on the 1-ball. She opts to push out, and leaves Mo a shot. Mo runs the table to put up the first score in this match. Jasmin does not fare any better in the second rack as she scratches on the 2-ball and Mo runs the rack to jump out to a quick 2-0 lead. With great safety play and capitalizing on opportunities, Jasmin takes the next two racks to knot the score at two games apiece. Playing spectacularly, Mo wins the fifth rack and then breaks and runs the following rack to take a 4-2 lead in the match. Jasmin takes advantage of a missed 9-ball to close the gap in the scores and uses this win to begin a 5-game winning streak. With tight safety play and great shot making, Jasmin churns through the match to come out on top with a final score of 7-4.

Over on the B-side, Naomi Williams makes her way through the field to meet Mo Seto in the B-side final. Once again, Mo jumps out to a quick 2-0 lead. Naomi gets in gear and answers back with two racks of her own to even the score at 2-2. Naomi plays great, both offensively and defensively, and takes two more racks to go up 4-2 in the match. Mo plays an excellent safety on the 5-ball in the next frame, and Naomi misses the hit. Mo steps up to the challenge and uses the opportunity to win the rack and tighten the gap in the score. Naomi, in her efforts to open up her lead, executes a great out to make the score 5-3 in her favour. Mo responds by playing flawlessly and secures another rack, making the score 5-4. Naomi puts all of her focus into this match and takes two racks in a row to win the match, forcing Maureen "Mo" Seto to settle for 3rd place.

Anticipation is in the air as the spectators settle in to watch the tournament final: Jasmin Ouschan versus Naomi Williams. Naomi starts the match with solid play and then misses the 7-ball to let Jasmin put up the first win. A break and run by Jasmin sees her jumping out to a fast 2-0 lead. Jasmin makes fabulous shot on the 8-ball, but as the cue ball is travelling around the table, it finds the side pocket and Naomi takes the rack with ball-in-hand on the 9. In the next frame, Jasmin plays safe on the 1-ball, but lacks in the execution of the shot and Naomi can see the 1-ball. Naomi plays the shots to perfection and ties the score 2-2. It is Naomi's turn to break, but she scratches and Jasmin runs out the table. Then Jasmin snaps the 9 on the break, to go up 4-2 in the match. Jasmin sees another opportunity as Naomi misses the 1-ball and leaves the door open for Jasmin to win the rack and increase her lead to 5-2. Jasmin plays safe on the 1-ball, but again misses the safety and leaves an opportunity for Naomi to get back in the match. Naomi misses the long-table shot and Jasmin takes advantage of the situation to go up 6-2 in the set. With the alternating break format, it is Jasmin's turn to break. She makes the 6-ball on the break and proceeds to run out the rack to win the match. With wins over Terri Mason (7-1), Rachael Abbink (7-2), Maureen Seto (7-4) and Naomi Williams (7-1 and 7-2), Jasmin Ouschan wins the King Custom Cases WPBA Classic 2007 Qualifier.

1st Place - Jasmin Ouschan $200.00 + Qualifier
2nd Place - Naomi Williams $350
3rd Place - Maureen Seto $225
4th Place - Rachael Abbink $115
5th/6th Place - Stephanie Brenda/Lynne Martin - $70.00
Longest Lasting Amateur (7th Place) - Leanne Amable