U.S. Open Seeding Announced

Since the U.S. Open has become an international event with players coming from over 20-25 countries, the deserving players earn the right to be selected as one of our seeded players. We are following in the footsteps of the W.T.A., World Tennis Association, as they have seeding for over 1,000 worldwide players.  In fact, tennis seeds 32 of the 128 players, men and women divisions. It is our intention to make positive changes each year, which help the game of pool. We appreciate when other promoters may possibly follow in our footsteps.  This allows the pool industry as a whole to make changes for the best.

Again, our goal is to seed 64 of the world’s top players each and every year, as we believe these deserving Americans and foreign players will appreciate our values in regard to seeding. We feel seeding 25% of the field is the correct way to go with the U.S. Open 9-Ball Championships. We have been seeding 32 of the 256 players for 15 plus years. Every promoter has the right to do whatever they choose to do with seeding, and by all means we appreciate every one of us left in today’s pool world.

In addition, we are forming “The First Rack Inc.”, much like the First Tee in golf. We will be bringing information to the B.C.A. trade show in Chicago next week. As busy as we are with Q-Master Billiards, moving the U.S. Open, seeding the top 64 players, we will find time to build “The First Rack Inc.”, which in return, will help our industry immensely with greater table sales, cue sales, case sales, books, instructional DVDs, and more.

Kevin Trudeau had a vision, but lacking the awareness that we have, it sadly failed. We believe he gave it a valiant effort, but unfortunately too many problems occurred and we will not let that happen. Again, all information will be brought to Chicago, July 18-20.

Barry & Shannon