Ultimate 10-Ball Championships Ready To Begin

Corey Deuel

Brackets are drawn and the Ultimate 10-Ball Championship is ready to begin play on Friday with 54 women and 93 men competing for $50,000 in added prize money.

Both divisions are full of top pocket billiards talent including such notables as Ralf Souquet, Darren Appleton, Earl Strickland, Johnny Archer, Rodney Morris, Dennis Hatch, Shane Van Boening, Thorsten Hohmann, Niels Feijen and Alex Pagulayan. The men's division also contains some names from the recent past with Jeff Carter, CJ Wiley and Roger Griffis all competing.

The ladies division's 54 players include Allison Fisher, Kelly Fisher, Monica Webb, Line Kjoersvik, Helena Thornfeldt, Vivian Villarreal, Kyoko Sone, Brittany Bryant and Julie Kelly.

Play begins at 8am Texas Time and runs until midnight.

Fans who can't make it to Texas can still enjoy the event with our online coverage including online brackets and real time scoring. There are also two streaming tables available at the official website at www.ultimate10ball.com.