Ultimate 10-Ball Day One Complete

Raj Hundal

After one full day of play at the Ultimate 10-Ball Championship, it is mostly the usual suspects still fighting it out on the winners side of the board.

Very few marquee names have been sent to the one loss side in the men's division, with the most notable being Stevie Moore, Robb Saez, Jonathan Pinegar, Donnie Mills, Cliff Joyner, Jeremy Sossei and Shane McMinn. Notable names on the ladies one loss side include Julie Kelly, Helena Thornfeldt, Brittany Bryant, Laura Smith, Kyoko Sone, Kim White and Nicole Keeney.

Saturday will feature a full day of play with a number of greats matches already on the schedule including Earl Strickland vs Johnny Archer, Shane Van Boening vs Ralf Souquet, Mike Davis vs Shawn Putnam, Thorsten Hohmann vs Dennis Hatch, Raj Hundal vs Niels Feijen, Rodney Morris vs Darren Appleton and Kelly Fisher vs Monica Webb.

Our coverage of the event includes real time scoring and online brackets. The official tournament website includes two online streaming tables.