US Open 10-Ball Continues in Vegas

Ko Pin-Yi

The CSI US Open 10-Ball Championship has eliminated the chaff from the field and the winner's side is down to only four men left standing. Today Pin Yi Ko will take on Lee Van Corteza while Wu Jia Qing faces Rodney Morris to determine the hot-seat match. 


The brackets are a bit behind in this discipline due to the necessity for Orcoolo to miss his match last night in order to compete in and win the One Pocket finals. That time will be made up this morning as he will play Kenichi Uchigaki and then will take on Shane Van Boening should he win that battle. 


Others left with a single bullet are Mike Dechaine who plays John Morra, Carlo Biado who faces Jonathan Pinegar, Dennis Grabe who awaits the outcome of other matches to find his foe, and Jayson Shaw who will do battle this morning with Jin-Hu Dang.


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