US Open 9-Ball Championship Kicks Off On Sunday

The 42nd US Open 9-Ball Championship kicks off at 10:30 EST Sunday morning, with a field of 139 players competing for the most presigious title on US soil. 
With 139 players, there are many players with first round byes, but that doesn't mean that the first round doesn't have any marquee matches. Marquee matches in round one include Eklent Kaci vs Ernesto Dominguez, Warren Kiamco vs Poland's Adam Mscisz and Ralf Souquet vs Earl Strickland
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The streaming schedule for Sunday is already set, with the following matches...
10:30 - Warren Kiamco vs Adam Miscisz
12:30 - Earl Strickland vs Ralf Souquet
2:30 - Tony Chohan vs Wu Jia Qing
8:30 - Ko Pin Yi vs Damianos Giallourakis