US Open Day Two Upsets

Mitch Ellerman scored an upset over Frankie Hernandez

Day two is complete at the 33rd Annual US Open 9-Ball Championship and the day did not pass without a few upsets.

Early in the day, Francis Crevier shocked Ronnie Wiseman with an 11-6 win. Crevier actually led the match 10-1, but struggled to put Wiseman away.

Former Champion Jeremy Jones held a four rack lead over Michael Badsteubner, but could not finish him off and lost the match.

Jerry Tarantola also won a close match against Rafael Martinez early in the day.

Another former champion, Gabe Owen, lost a dogfight with Ramil Gallego. Neither player seemed able to take control of the match, but it was Gallego who scored the win.

Niels Feijen trailed in his match against Josh Ulrich 3-0, but came back to win ten straight games and won the match 11-4.

After the dinner break, the upsets continued with Chris Szuter scoring an 11-6 win over Ralf Souquet and young gun Beau Runningen handing John Schmidt his first loss 11-6.

Reigning World 10-Ball Champion, Darren Appleton, had all he could handle in his match with Lee Heuwagen. The players stayed close the entire match, before Appleton pulled away for the 11-8 win.

Other top players looked strong on day two. Mika Immonen, Charlie Williams, Shawn Putnam, Rodolfo Luat, Sylver Ochoa, Thorsten Hohmann and Tyler Edey all scoring convincing wins on Monday.

Frankie Hernandez looked good in his early match on Monday as he scored an 11-1 win over Nathan Thomas. Hernandez did not look as sharp later in the day as he lost to Arizona Young Gun Mitch Ellerman 11-8.

The final match of the night saw Charlie Bryant and Marcus Chamat battle to hill-hill before Chamat won a safety battle and scored the 11-10 win.