US Open One Pocket Interrupted by Thunderstorm

Corey Deuel tries to stay warm waiting for play to resume

The storm that roared through last Vegas last night had 80 mph winds that knocked down power lines and blew transformers all over the city. Streets had to be closed due to flooding and the strip went briefly dark before generators took over and brought back the neon circus of the streets.

Pool is really tough to play in the dark, so games had to be halted mid-stride and now we are seeking ways to make up time. Corey Deuel was playing Dennis Orcollo for the hot seat when the games were halted. They will continue play this morning with the score of Orcollo leading 2-0 in their race to four. The winner will await the outcome of the match between the loser and Carlo Biado. Biado has worked his way through the brackets playing a most unorthodox style. Early in the matches he fires at everything, results be damned. When it works and his object balls fall away it gives him a nice early lead and tends to shake his opponents composure. But if he falls behind he shows that he also has a very nice touch with the cue ball that generates in-jail safeties for his foes. His last opponent, Scott Frost, had seemed to be the most comfortable man in the room at this pocket apiece form but even he could not fade the shotmaking heat of the young Filipino and fell 3-2 to the young sharpshooter.

The One Pocket will finish up today but at this hour we cannot predict when as schedules will need to be adjusted due to the time we lost last evening. They were intended to be played in the afternoon and we may able to still accomplish that so if you wish to see the finals tune in to the TAR site at that time.