US Open One Pocket Near the End

Dennis Orcollo

The storms That stopped play on Friday night have delayed the finals of the US Open One Pocket until today. This will be a replay of the hot seat match where Dennis Orcollo was in control and sent Corey Deuel over to the one-loss side to battle his way back to the finals.

Deuel had a hill to climb. He faced Carlo Biado of the Philippines and Biado had been destroying foes at every turn. Through the week he dispatched Scott Frost (3-2), Chris Bartram (3-1), Justin Hall (3-0), and Warren Kiamco (3-1).  But the man who had knocked him out of the winner's bracket was none other than Corey Deuel with an impressive 4-2 win. So both men had a base of confidence when they entered the arena. The match was a great one with Deuel emerging victorious 3-2 to return to battle with Orcollo.

Orcollo has his own track record of success to build upon. His last three matches found him winning over such fen players as Larry Nevel (4-2), Chris Bartram (4-2) and finally Corey Deuel (4-0).

The schedule for the finals of the One Pocket have to remain flexible as both players are in the 10-Ball event and have morning matches there today. So the One Pocket finals will be this afternoon when both players schedules allow. This match will be broadcast live on TAR and that will be announced at