US Open Round One Winners

John Schmidt

With the first round of the US Open almost complete, there have been relatively few major upsets yet.

In round one's marquee matches; Shane Van Boening defeated Ramil Gallego, Robb Saez beat Joey Korsiak, Gabe Owen beat Larry Nevel, Jeremy Jones defeated Antonio Gabica and John Schmidt sent Tony Chohan to the one loss side.

Other top players advancing with round one wins included Kim Davenport, Charlie Bryant, Tony Robles, Charlie Williams, Shannon Daulton, Scott Frost, Mika Immonen, Alex Pagulayan, Corey Deuel, Johnny Archer, Ronnie Alcano, Jose Parica, Raj Hundal, Rodney Morris, Earl Strickland.

Marquee matches in round two include Allen Hopkins vs Darren Appleton, Evgeny Stalev vs Scott Frost, Marcus Chamat vs Edwin Montal and Tommy Kennedy vs John Schmidt.

Online brackets are updated with most results from round one and will be updated again this evening.

File photo courtesy of Diana Hoppe - Pool Pics by Hoppe