US Open Venue Layout

I’m very glad to report more good news to everyone today!
First of all, attached is the floor plan that I have been working on with my architect and I am very confident that everyone will enjoy the seating and viewing so much better than last year.  So here it is again, at the Marriot Hotel.  As you can see the TV arena is now located center court.  As it will continue as it was at the Conference Center with four tables on each side.  There are a total of 450 seats and there will be risers, tables and chairs for everyone.  I will have 250 V.I.P. seats along with 200 general admission seats, again all with tables, chairs, risers and no bleachers.  
As you can see the V.I.P. seats are around the TV arena going out as before into the pit.  Here is what I am going to provide, the first row on both sides of the pit will be on 8” high platforms.  The second will be 16” higher and the third will be 16” higher as well.  Now for both long side rows, two on one side and three on the other.  The first row on both long sides will be 16” higher than the row in front of each other.  In other words, there will be no obstructed viewing anywhere.  Anyone who will be sitting on the first row on either end of the two long rows will be able to see over anyone’s head going out into the three rows of the pit.  Commonwealth Events out of Richmond will build the entire floor plan as they did at the Conference Center.
V.I.P. seats will go on sale June 1st.  Those who had a seat or seats will again be able to purchase the same one week prior.  I feel that tradition should continue the three rows on both sides of the pit being the same but on both long sides there will be two rows on one side and three rows on the other side.
For V.I.P. seating we still have the same number of V.I.P. seating for 250 people.  So, on either side, those who had V.I.P. seating with one side of two rows and the other side of three rows will continue to be purchased for the one week prior beginning June 1st.  Now, for those who had seats in the higher rows we had before we will brainstorm a way to provide the seats in the V.I.P. seating sections for those coming.  So, just be a little patient, please.  Thank you. 
I will be holding 32 spots of the 128 player max field for the U.S. Open Billiard Room Qualifiers from America & abroad for room owners who wish to participate.  Send your qualifying player to the U.S. Open.  Here are two examples of conducting your qualifier; have 32 players pay $50 each to play or have 16 players pay $100 to play, which both add up to $1,600.  Room owners keep $100 for you and the rest will consist of the $1,000 for the player’s entry fee and $500 for some of the player’s expenses as well.  Now, besides the $100 you keep, along with food & beverages, while having your qualifier, it’s a win – win for your player, for your room and for the room owner’s appreciation, by getting involved with America’s event, 2 nice collared golf shirts with the player’s name & the room name should be provided.  After your players give my director the info, as the players are announced each match they play, it will be mentioned they won, by the room owner, a qualifier in your room & the location.  To hold a spot send in a $250, non-refundable, retainer fee and the other $750 when your qualifier has been completed along with the player’s name, your room name and location.   
I’ve been waiting for years to have this dream come true, just as the Masters Golf tournament only has 90 – 100 players.  All other majors and any golf tournaments have a field of 154 players.  Now we can more or less be structured & similar. The Master’s consist of the top 50 ranked worldwide players and the remaining 40 – 50 players are from other criteria such as top amateurs, Asian players, Europe players, junior champions and the list goes on.  
Now by having 128 players max, we have all of the above in a similar fashion.  Isn’t that a wonderful way to have the U.S. Open 9-Ball Championships field consisting of the many ways to be able to compete?
The $178,000 purse breakdown I’ve worked for days on & feel it is the best breakdown maybe ever than before while still paying deep:
1st Place:      $25,000
2nd Place:     $13,000
3rd Place:      $ 8,000
4th Place:      $ 7,000
5-6th Places:  $ 6,000 Each
7-8th Places:  $ 5,000 Each
9-12th Places:    $4,000 Each
13-16th Places:  $3,500 Each
17-24th Places:  $3,000 Each
25-32nd Places:  $2,500 Each
33-48th Places:   $2,000 Each
Paying 48 spots of the 128 players and paying very well from 1st – 48th, I believe IT’S THE NUTS!!!
As mentioned prior, I will be adding $50,000, which will be in escrow by July 15th, 90 – days out, which will come from the $40,000 from V.I.P. seat money going directly into my SunTrust bank U.S. Open account which will be set up for all to click on & view.  The remaining $10,000 will be in NO LATER than July 15th, 90 days prior.
Players at that time may begin sending in your entry fees and your names will also appear on my bank account as paid players.  If you wish to send in your entry fee prior, just send a check made out to the U.S. Open & mail it to Q-Master Billiards, 5612 Princess Anne Road, Virginia Beach, VA  23462
I have been working very hard to put this plan together on my own which I have, without fail, while a few months ago I was pondering taking a year’s hiatus after 38 consecutive years.
 When for so many reasons, such as there are way too many people in the pool world who depend on me to come through each year no matter what.  I hope everyone loves this new floor plan all in one ballroom now and only 6 days instead of 7.
The Marriott will continue to offer rates for $89, the same as last year, which you can book now by calling (757) 523-1500 and mention the U.S. Open 9-Ball Championships.  Vendors, email me at right away please as 20 limited spots are all that’s available.  My loyal vendors, you must email your commitment to me by June 1st to let me know you’re coming back.  No deposit yet, but merely an email letting me know your coming so I can save your spot.  If I don’t receive your email by June 1st I’ll have to give “your spot” to someone else.  On another note, the entrance going into the ballroom will be at the end by the ticket counter and “Pineapple” will be glad to see you.  Everyone will have to go completely through all vendors to purchase tickets, pick up badges, etc. before entering which is yet another better way this year.
Lastly, I thank you all, even for the negative replies, as I will be sure to make them into positive ones, as Oct 13th – 18th gets closer.
Thank you all.
Barry Behrman
Founder & Promoter