Van Boening Recaptures Us Open 8-Ball Title

Shane Van Boening (JP Parmentier)
The finalists in the 2018 US Open 8-Ball Championship were the same as in 2017 — Shane Van Boening taking on Alex Pagulayan. But this year, the outcome changed, with a focused and determined Van Boening beating Pagulayan handily, by a score of 10-3. The win allowed Van Boening to take home both the US Open 10-Ball and US Open 8-Ball Championship titles — a feat he also accomplished in 2016. 
The 2018 US Open 8-Ball Championship started Saturday at Griff’s in Las Vegas, NV with a field of 39, including many of the best pool players in the world. 
Van Boening, of South Dakota, had wins over Brandon Shuff (8-5) and Josh Roberts (8-5) before being sent to the one-loss side of the bracket by the young Albanian, Eklent Kaci. But, in the same deliberate manner as he did in the US Open 10-Ball Championship, Van Boening made his way through the back side of the bracket, beating: Shane McMinn, 8-3; Warren Kiamco, 8-7; Oscar Dominguez, 8-7; Dennis Orcollo, 8-7; and Thorsten Hohmann, 8-1;  to meet Pagulayan in the finals. 
Pagulayan’s path to the hot seat included wins over: Cole Hoggart, 8-0; Ronnie Alcano, 8-4; Kiamco, 8-5; Kaci, 8-4; and Hohmann, 8-7, before losing to Van Boening in the finals. 
2018 US Open 8-Ball Championships results: 
1 Shane Van Boening, South Dakota
2 Alex Pagulayan, Canada
3 Thorsten Hohmann, Germany
4 Dennis Orcollo, Philippines
5 Oscar Dominguez, Nevada
5 Eklent Kaci, Albania
7 James Aranas, Philippines
7 Warren Kiamco, Philippines
9 Dennis Hatch, Indiana
9 Shane McMinn, Oklahoma
9 Josh Roberts, South Carolina
9 Skyler Woodward, Kentucky
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