Villarreal vs Little in Texas Open Ladies Finals

Vivian Villarreal and Melissa Little
In the Texas Open ladies side finals, Melissa Little jumped to a quick 3-0 lead on the Texas Tornado. It didn’t take long for Vivian to start applying some beautiful safeties to try and catch up, but Meliissa still made it to the hill first 6-4. Melissa defeats Vivian 7-5 pushing the match to a second set.
Melissa jumps to a 2-0 lead  in the second set. Vivian showing some signs of fatigue grabs an energy drink. Whatever was in that drink was working as Vivian came back four straight bringing the score to 4-2 Vivian. Melissa comes back to the table strong showing off some serious skills to take the next game keeping the score tight to the fight at 4-3. 
Melissa Little breaks sinking the seven ball, but tough shape on the one with the four blocking her ideal pocket. She plays safe returning the table to Vivian. Vivian faces a difficult run out but pulls through like the pro she is now leading 5-3.
Vivian sinks the four and seven on the break with a long shot on the one to go. She misses the one but manages to send it to the head string and traps the cue ball at the foot rail behind the eight and two ball. Melissa Little decides to take to flight as she pulls out her jump cue. She makes the hit but unfortunately scratches in the top left pocket. Vivian slices the two coming directly behind the three, plays a stop shot to get on the five, some slight draw to get on the six, comes two rails to get angle on the eight, and comes off the rail to line up directly behind the nine pocketing it making the score 6-3.
The Texas Tornado pockets the five on the break. She rattled the two a little making the crowd nervous but still pulled the run out for Victory. Congratulations to both ladies on a match well played. See you next year at the wonderful Skinny Bobs Billiards.