Virginia Tech with big UMTPC lead

With 600 points, The Hokies (Virginia Tech) have taken the lead after the Modified Straight Pool event (with a team total of 215 balls run).  Captain Mike Robertson ran 70 balls in ten innings, with a 26 ball run in the fourth.  His impressive performance garnered 100 bonus points for Virginia Tech.  United Nations (University of Illinois) is currently in second place with 375 points.  The team collectively ran 161 balls in the Modified Straight Pool event.  In third place, Naked Cue (University of Michigan) has 275 points, after running 156 balls as a team.

After the first event, the standings are:

Virginia Tech: 600 points
University of Illinois (United Nations): 375
University of Michigan: 275
Purdue (Shrimp Chips 2.0): 190
University of Maryland: 125
University of Illinois (The Orient Express): 75
Purdue (Boiler Breakers): 40
Pennsylvania State University: 20

Friday night action was in Scotch Doubles 9-Ball and is in the second round on both sides of the bracket with the final twelve players coming back for Saturday play.