Va Tech wins UMTPC Scotch Doubles Event

At the end of the University of Michigan Team Pool Championships Scotch Doubles 9-Ball event, Virginia Tech remains in the lead with 1220 points; nearly double that of their closest competitor, the University of Michigan (615 points). 

The final match between Mike Robertson/David Mudre (Virginia Tech) and Ryan Lawrence/Winston Seow (Michigan) was a nail biter.  Virginia Tech took the lead early, but Michigan battled back, eventually tying at 6. 

Virginia Tech reached the hill first.  The score was 10-6.  Michigan fought back in a series of defensive struggles, bringing Michigan's number of wins to 8.  In the 19th game, Mudre hooked teammate Robertson behind the 8; he successfully navigated around it, only to later scratch out of a safety left by Lawrence.  Robertson later redeemed himself, winning the match for his team, when he sank the 9-ball left for him by Seow.

The Virginia Tech Hokies' 9-Ball performance earned them 620 points.  The current standings are:

Virginia Tech Hokies: 1220 points
Michigan Naked Cue: 615 points
Illinois United Nations: 385 points
Maryland Wobbles: 265 points
Purdue Shrimp Chips 2.0: 230
University of Western Ontario Strokin' It: 220
Akron Gold: 150
New Jersey Institute of Technology Highlanders: 95

The 8-Ball event began this evening, with first round matches currently taking place.  We will eliminate half of the teams by the end of the night.