UMTPC Scotch Doubles Final Twelve

At the end of Friday night, we have reached the final 12 in the Scotch Doubles 9-Ball event.

On the winner's side:

University of Michigan: Ryan Lawrence and Winston Seow
University of Akron (Gold): John Weigand and George Mansour
Virginia Tech: Corey Sykes and Stephen Svarka
University of Western Ontario: Ross Campbell and Sean Snider

On the one-loss side:

West Virginia University: Vincenzo Novello and Ben Clark
Purdue (Shrimp Chips 2.0): Johnny Wu and Changlu Zhu
University of Michigan: Jim Christian and Curtis Sawdon
Purdue (Boiler Breakers): Roman Wang and Leonard Jackson
Virginia Tech: Mike Robertson and David Mudre
Maryland: Illya Bunyakyn and Peter Myers
New Jersey Institute of Technology: Cruz and Patel
Indiana: Suk and Andrei Popa

Play resumes at 10:00, and the 8-Ball event begins Saturday afternoon.