Wiseman/Pagulayan re-rematch

Ronnie Wiseman and Alex Pagulayan

With Saturday matches complete at The Carolinas Open, the winners side is down to the same two players that fought it out for the one-pocket division; Ronnie Wiseman and Alex Pagulayan.

The one-loss side is down to six players. Tony Watson will face Johnny Archer with the winner taking on Nick Varner, and Jonathan Hennessee playing Keith McCready with the winner facing Jose Parica.

The matchup between Wiseman and Pagulayan on the winners side will actually be their third match of the event, with each player having scored a win over the other. Pagulayan won the match for the hot-seat in the one-pocket division, but it was Wiseman who won the rematch in the one-pocket finals.

The brackets for the 9-ball event are posted and will be updated all weekend.

Photo courtesy of Diana Hoppe - Pool Pics by Hoppe