Young and coming

There were 21 players at the Club de billard Terminus in Hull were the 3rd stop of the Canadian Pechauer Tour was held.

Once again, the big guns were, Hewitt, Martel, Salvas, Grenier, Rousseau and Adam. And it was expected that the reign of Hewitt and Salvas would come to an end as great players like Alain Martel were there to show what they're capable of.

Already in the 2nd round, Alain showed Danny that the season was not going to be that easy by defeating him 11-10. Alain went on to win against Francis Crevier to reach the final on the winner side.

On the other side of the chart, Sylvain Grenier, started where he left off at the last tournament defeating Luc Salvas 11-9 to reach the final against the great Martel, who Sylvain had never beaten in his young career.

But Sylvain's impressive break and flawless play gave him his first victory over Alain. On the losers side, Alain managed to quiet the raging Luc Salvas who this time did not have the chance to express his tornado style of play.

Alain was ready to avenge his loss against Sylvain, but in vain. Sylvain continued to play flawlessly and still imposing his strong break. Sylvain went on to win his professional tournament against no one else than Alain Martel by the score of 13-8. Congratulation to a promising player!

Here are the complete results:

1st Sylvain Grenier $1300
2nd Alain Martel $850
3rd Luc Salvas $600
4th Andre Goyette $400
5th/6th Danny Hewitt, Francis Crevier $200
7th/8th Harold Rousseau, Gaetan Rivard $100