Your Pool Room Can Host a U.S. Open Qualifier

How to Host a U.S. Open Qualifier at Your Room

We have 10 US Open qualifiers at Q-Masters Billiards, one every Saturday. It is one of my dreams to have 50-100 Billiards Rooms in America and from the remaining countries around the world, to hold US Open qualifiers. 

Here is the format that we follow weekly, with only 16 players, race to 5, double elimination at $25.00 per player, it comes to $400 and we pay the remaining $100 per player.  Another option is to charge $50 per player, which comes to $800 and the winner would get an entry into the Open as well as $300 cash to use for expenses. I suggest that room owners limit the field to 16 players that consist of non-professional players.

This is a great deal for everyone involved and the director will announce the name of your billiard room each time “your winner” plays in the US open.  I also suggest that you supply your player with 2-3 polo shirts in order to promote your room.  We also will include your room and the player that won a qualifier into our program if you supply us with the information.

Meanwhile your room will have excitement both before and after the Open.  This is a win-win for all.  If you have any questions about conducting a qualifier, please give me a call at 757-499-8958.  

-Barry Behrman