10 K Tour Results at Pool Paradise

John Morra and Chris Jenkings

Pool Paradise welcomed more than 80 players and observers this week end at stop # 7 of the 10 K Tour in Waterloo, Ontario.

From Toronto, Niagara Falls, Welland, St. Catharines, Waterloo, Barrie, Belville, Coburn, etc, they all came to Pool Paradise where they were greeted by one room owner that prides himself on how well he keeps His room (all tables were re-clothed with Simmonis 860 the same week). Nello Robson along with 'new room' owner Mark Secord (bought Color Of Money Billiards) and Kenny Chen also a room owner and representative from the 10 K Tour where there to support this event first hand.

There will be no changes other than management at Color Of Money Billiards, phone numbers, e-mails and all other contacts remain the same as well as The Joss Tour stop for April. Nello Robson retains the position of advisor to new room owner and also as spokeperson.

As for the tournament, 12 players returned to cash in on Sunday:

A side top bracket Chris Jenkings (7) bested Randy Fawcett (7) by a sound 7-4 mark A side lower bracket Dave McMahon (7) bested Bob Little (6) 7-3 B side top A John Morra (8) won over Gerrard Morrison (8) in a hill-hill match. Top B Scott McDonald (7+) also won over Al Lougheed (8) in a hill-hill match. B side bottom C Yanick Bedard (8) pulverized Charlie Burkowski (7+) by a 9-1 score. Bottom D Mike Fisher (8) won a hill-hill battle over Mike Leigh (6)

The 'Hot Seat match' between Chris Jenkings (7) vs. Dave McMahon (7) went to Chris by a 7-4 score. Yanick Bedard over Mike Fisher 8-3. John Morra (8) bested Scott McDonald (7+) in a hard fought hill-hill match. John Morra (8) over Bob Little (6) by 8-4 score. Yanick Bedard over Randy Fawcett 8-3. Now John Morra takes Yanick Bedard 8-5, then moves over Dave McMahon as Dave forfeits for health reasons. The finals are between one ex Jr. Champion and a current Jr. Champion and it goes hill-hill with Chris Jenkings emerging victorious over 'Mr. John Morra'.

It was a true pleasure to watch this two youngsters battle out with such fine display of pool etiquette. Well done my friends.

Final results for stop # 27 1- Chris Jenkings $ 2250.00 Calcuta *
2- John Morra $ 1400.00 Calcuta *
3- Dave McMahon $ 900.00 Calcuta *
4- Yanick Bedard $ 650.00 Calcutta *
5- Randy Fawcett $ 450.00 Calcutta *
6- Bob Little $ 450.00 Calcuta *
7- Mike Fisher $ 200.00 Calcuta *
8- Scott McDonald $ 200.00 Calcuta *
9- Gerrard Morrison $ 60.00
10- Al Lougheed $ 60.00
11- Charlie Burkowski $ 60.00
12- Mike Leigh $ 60.00

Second chance tournament winner was:

1- Terry Hopkinson $ 200.00
2- Burt Scott $ 100.00
3- Chris Battle $ 40.00
4- Greg Stewart $ 40.00