10 K Tour Stop # 4 at Pool Paradise

Kenny Chen and John Morra

Pool Paradise was full of players and fans the weekend of November 27- 28, 2004 for the fourth stop of the 10 K Tour. As usual Kenny Chen demonstrated his love for the game and performed a fabulous job along with the staff of this fine establishment.

Nello Robson was there to show his support, along with the family and enjoy a fine outing. The support for this tour keeps on growing, with the next stop at Bobby D's on December 4-5 of 2004. Hope to see new faces there too as I have been doing so far, fielding calls and emails from Belleville, Toronto, Barrie, London, etc.

Sunday 12 players returned for the money. In the “hot seat” was Eric Hildebrand who had sent Jeff White to the one loss side earlier and now sent John Morra to join him. On the B side, Chris Battle defeated Robert Johnson 5-2 in a fine effort. Also in this round, DJ McInley beat Mike Roberts 8-4 and then eliminated Aaron Thomas 8-6. Meanwhile Jeff White bested Chris Battle and then DJ McInley in a hill-hill battle.

Jeff White then met with John Morra where John got the best of Jeff and defeated him by a 7-6 score to move to one more chance with destiny.

Morra met Eric Hildebrand and bested Eric by a sound score of 7-4, now John is comfortable and fearless. Round two in this true double elimination tournament starts and is all John. Bad rolls and scratches victimize Eric who watches John running table after table and the final score of 7-1 tells the tale of this match between two young players ages 15 vs. 19.

We will be at Bobby D's in Burlington this December 4-5 for the # 5 stop, see you all there and if you have questions the email is xxxbilliards@cogeco.ca or willyhermoza@hotmail.com

Final Results:
1- John Morra $2600 with Calcutta
2- Eric Hildebrand $1400 with Calcutta
3- Jeff White $900 with Calcutta
4- D J McInley $400 with Calcutta
5- Aaron Thomas $250 with Calcutta
6- Chris Battle $250 with Calcutta
7- Mike Roberts $140 with Calcutta
8- Robert Johnson $140 with Calcutta
9- Dave McMahon $50
10- Ephrian Day $50
11- Gerrard Morrison $50
12- Jeff Dick $50

The second chance tournament winner was Kenny Chen.

1- Kenny Chen $150
2- Terry Martin $90
3- Scott Soroko $30
4- Allan Angus $30