Third Last Call 9 Ball Tournament at Pool Paradise

Shawn Miller

The last tournament at Pool Paradise for this year had 39 Players; this is the third year that Kenny Chen hosts a final tournament for the year end. Same format as the 10 K Tour with the exception of winner breaking as opposed to alternating.

In the semi final match heading for the hot seat where Al Lougheed vs. Shawn Miller. There can only be one and it was Miller's time to take the hot seat.

In 7-8 position D J McInley defeated Dan Doener while Ray Jansen defeats Mario Morra. D J McInley defeats Anthony Huang and Jeff Robson bests Ray Jansen.

Jeff Robson defeats D J McInley who finishes third and is defeated by Al Lougheed in a hill-hill match.

Jeff Robson is the youngest player in the 10 K Tour and looks like is heading well in the pool world, His Dad Nello Robson owns Color Of Money Billiards.

Al earns the trip back to the A side finals where Shawn Miller maintains His dominance again. It is Miller's Time again……..well done guys.

Best of wishes to Sheri Richardson and staff (Chalk and Cue). And to you all.

Please be careful out there

Final Results: ** includes Calcutta
1- Shawn Miller $ 2100.00 **
2- Al Lougheed $ 1250.00 **
3- Jeff Robson $ 800.00 **
4- DJ McInley $ 450.00 **
5- Anthony Huang $ 220.00 **
6- Ray Jansen $ 220.00 **
7- Dan Doener $ 80.00
8- Mario Morra $ 80.00