Another Day In Pool Paradise

Naomi Williams

The second to last stop of the highly competative handicapped Canadian 20K Tour was held at Pool Paradise in Ontario on June 10th/11th. Fifty players vied for the first place $1650 payout. However, for a second time in the past 4 stops it was a woman in a male dominated field who took home the top honors.

Naomi Williams (a 6+ handicap) ousted all those in her path. She went undefeated. In the hot seat match, she crunched 8+ player Rob Brandenburg 6-3. Brandenburg however was undetered as he made his way through the B bracket towards the finals and a rematch with La Williams. Initially it seemed there would be a double set as Brandenburg at one point led 8-2, however Williams buckled down and refused to roll over and play dead to Brandenburg's assault. After a maticulous and exhaustind fight, Williams brought the match hill-hill and then shut it out. Brandenburg, while playing strong, it was the sheer determination of Williams to add a second win to her belt.

1st: Naomi Williams $1650
2nd: Rob Brandenburg $900
3rd: Paul Duell $560
4th: Roberto Ache $360
5th/6th: Al Lougheed and Jason Hunt $200
7th/8th: Jaon Holdaway and Ron Ranalli $50

Second Chance winners:
1st: Adrian Fragoso $70
2nd: Nello Robeson $30