Bartram vs Morris $20,000 Challenge Match

The Action Report is proud to present another exciting event.

On May 8th at 3PM Pacific/6PM Eastern in the TAR BAR at the BCA Pool League 8 Ball Nationals in the Riviera Hotel and Casino Las Vegas, Nevada, Chris Bartram and Rodney Morris will face off in a $10,000 per man challenge match.

Rodney Morris is a former U.S. Open Champion and one of the most feared money players in the world. On May 8th he will face a fearless road man in Chris Bartram. Rodney wanted to get in the ring and Chris stepped up and made a game with him. The game is ten ball, 15 Ahead with Chris receiving a ball spot. The spot consists of the "Call 8 and 9" which means that when Chris pockets either the 8 or 9 ball in a called pocket he wins that particular game. All other rules are the same.

Play will begin on Friday May 8th at 3PM Pacific/6PM Eastern. The 15 Ahead set format is a new twist for a TAR match. For example if player one wins the first four games and player two wins the next game player one is three games ahead. In this format play continues until one player is 15 games ahead of his opponent at which time he wins the match. Chris and Rodney will play 12 hours the first day and 12 hours the second day if necessary. If by some slight chance there is no one 15 Ahead after 24 hours of play the prize fund will be pro-rated and paid off to whoever is ahead at the time.

You can watch the action LIVE on streaming pay per view at for $25 for the the entire match. The exciting part of an ahead set format is that it could take two hours or it could take twenty. Don't miss any of the action.

The match will be taking place in the TAR BAR. This exciting new idea is a players lounge and action room with a full bar, television, comfortable seating, four Diamond 9 Foot Pro-Am Tables and several 7 Foot Diamond Smart Tables for players, fans and spectators to hang out, play and watch some great action or just relax with some friends for drinks after their tournament match.

This match is sponsored by the BCA Pool Leagues and Diamond Billiard Products. Special thanks to Jimmy for all his hard work in putting this match together. Come join us in the TAR BAR for all the action !!!