Brittany Bryant wins first CWPT tour stop

Hsin Huang and Brittany Bryant

It was a LONG NIGHT but a great day for Brittany Bryant as she takes her first CWPT tournament win!

The Tiger Canadian Women's Pool Tour held its third stop at Pool Paradise, located in Waterloo, Ontario. The event had $500 added sponsored by Tiger Products, Lockhart Cues & Repair and Pool Paradise that drew 26 players for the two-day event. Kenny Chen, room owner, has top-notch facilities and has even improved the room by adding to the existing equipment. "They purchased four really nice Diamond tables with interesting TV billiard balls." said Carolina Fernandez, CEO of the Tiger Canadian Women's Pool Tour. "And as always, all the tables and billiard balls were in excellent condition."

Sunday afternoon matches saw the return of the top six players of the event: Grace Nakamura (active WPBA pro), Naomi Williams, (semi-pro), Hsin Huang, (WPBA touring pro), Terri Mason, (touring semi-pro), Brittany Bryant and Danielle Morris.

Sunday's Hot Seat match pits newcomer Brittany Bryant against Naomi Williams. Brittany is on fire leading the score 3-0. In the fourth rack, Naomi changes her strategy against Brittany. Naomi pulls some great safety shots to gain control on the table. Going into the eighth rack, Naomi leads the score 4-3. Will Naomi win the Hot Seat? In this match the gods were not on her side and Naomi's scratches and missed key shots cost her two racks, which led to Brittany finishing two more tables. With a score of 5-4, Naomi is sent to the one-loss side. Brittany stays on and waits to meet her opponent in the Finals.

In this exciting B-side final match, Hsin Huang, after defeating Grace Nakamura 8-2, and Danielle Morris 8-5, takes on Naomi Williams. After the sixth rack, Naomi is leading 4-2 after some great outs and a nice 8-9 combination shot. In the seventh rack, Naomi runs up to the 7-ball, but the cue ball falls into the pocket. Hsin sees the light and finishes the rack. In this format, winner breaks and Hsin breaks aggressively and pockets two balls. Hsin runs up to the 5-ball and plays safe, but not safe enough. Naomi pots the 5-ball and then strikes the 6-ball in the heart, nice shot, and lands perfect shape for the 7-ball. Naomi sinks the 7-ball but lands a tough shot on the 8-ball. Naomi decides to play safe. Hsin makes a great kick but rattles the 8-ball and Naomi finishes the rack. With the score is 5-3 in her favour, Naomi breaks and gets to the 5-ball, but opts for a safety. This time Hsin kicks the 5-ball in the pocket and runs out the table. Leading to the twelfth rack, the match is tied six apiece. Hsin breaks and sees the 2-9 combinations. She carefully checks the shot and shoots it in with confidence. Hsin leads the score 7-6. Hsin breaks again and this time gives Naomi a chance: she runs up the 5-ball, which is a tough shot and rattles it. Hsin takes control on the table and runs out to win the match. With a score of 8-6 Naomi settles for 3rd Place and Hsin moves on to meet Brittany in the Tournament Finals.

With the true double elimination format and Hsin needing to beat Brittany twice, the final was a marathon! In the first set, Hsin quickly jumps ahead with a 2-0 score. In the third rack, Hsin runs up to the 7-ball but fouls the cue-ball in the side. Brittany takes control of the table and runs out the rack. The next rack, Brittany scores another win after another foul shot and rattled 9-ball by Hsin. Hsin marks up two more wins to go up 4-2 in the set, but luck was on Brittany's side and she takes another rack to make the score 4-3. Hsin was not making anymore mistakes on the table and focuses on her safeties and keeping the cue ball out of the pockets, which sees her taking three more scores. The score is 7-3 and Hsin is on the hill in the first set. Brittany is not giving up, and in the eleventh rack, Brittany faces a really tough long shot on the 7-ball. She carefully looks at the shot and with confidence slams the 7-ball in the corner and makes perfect shape for the 8- and 9-ball. The set is hill-hill and the next rack was even more interesting. Brittany breaks and sees a tough 4-9 combo shot. Will she take it? Brittany loves the challenge and decides to combo the shot. The spectators anxiously waited to see it going to go in. Did it go in? Almost! Brittany rattled the 9-ball, which led to a carom. Hsin, with a sigh of relief, takes the carom 4-ball into the 9-ball and Hsin Huang wins the first set of the Finals. Now she just needs to do it all over again!

Skipping to the seventh set, the break was good for Hsin as she takes a leading score 5-1. But the table has turned in Brittany's favour as she manages to make a 1-9 carom, and then a rattled 7-ball by Hsin which lead a good run out in the next rack for Brittany. The score is now 5-3 for Hsin, with Brittany quickly closing the gap. In the next rack, Hsin has a tough rail shot on the 7-ball. Hsin attempts the shot and rattles the 7-ball. Brittany takes control and runs the rack. Brittany is on the hill and pressure is on for Hsin, but her experience in pressure matches shines, as she was able to grab two more racks by playing great safety shots. The match is once again hill-hill. Hsin breaks and nothing went in. Brittany shoots the 1-ball and plays safe on the 2-ball. Hsin kicks the 2-ball but lands another combination shot for the 9-ball. Brittany takes the shot and kicks the 9-ball in the pocket. With a final score of 7-5, Hsin settles for 2nd Place and Brittany takes her first CWPT event by winning from two double-hill matches. "Brittany is the first youngest CWPT woman pool player to take 1st Place in a CWPT event", said Carolina Fernandez, CEO of the Tiger Canadian Women's Pool Tour, "Way to go Brittany!".

The tournament total cash prize was at $1,220.00 including $500.00 added


1st Place Brittany Bryant - $500.00
2nd Place Hsin Huang - $300.00
3rd Place Naomi Williams - $200.00
4th Place Danielle Morris - $130.00
5/6th Place Grace Nakamura/Carrie Dwyer - $70 each

Second Chance Results
1st place - Leanne Amable $60.00
2nd place - Grace Nakamura - $30.00