Naomi “The Cruncher” Williams Takes 1st Place at the CWPT 2006 Season Opener

Danielle Morris and Naomi Williams

The Canadian Women's Pool Tour ("CWPT") held its 2006 Season Opener at BigWigs Billiards in Newmarket, ON. The event, which began on Saturday, March 4, 2006, took place over two days and drew 37 participants from Southern Ontario and the neighboring state of New York. The purse had $500.00 added, which was sponsored by Hot Shots. Other event sponsors were Tiger Products and Native Jewelry.

Rob Blair and Ken Botham, room owners since June 2005, were superb hosts for the weekend's event. The spacious room features 20 Black Crown 9-foot tables, plus dart boards and a lounge area with a big screen TV. BigWigs is home to four pool leagues, as well as a dart league.

With lots of great matches all weekend, the spectators were on the edge of their seats for Sunday afternoon's match for the Hot Seat. The two remaining undefeated players facing off in the match were Naomi Williams (Open - race to 8) and Danielle Morris (B - race to 6). Naomi takes a quick 3-0 lead, but in the fourth rack Danielle has a chance to get on the board, but misses her shot on the 8-ball; Naomi makes the out and goes up 4-0. Two racks later and the score is now 6-0 for the Cruncher. Danielle is playing a tight match, trying to get that first win under her belt. In the seventh rack, Danielle tries to play a safe on the 4-ball, but misses the shot; Naomi runs the rack to get on the hill. It's do or die now for Danielle - she needs to get to the 9-ball! The eighth rack sees misses on the 8-ball by Naomi and then by Danielle, but Danielle's miss rolls safe; Naomi tries a kick-safety, but leaves a shot for Danielle, who gets out and puts up her first win of the match. In the ninth rack, Danielle plays a great safety on the 7-ball which earns her a well-deserved ball-in-hand to win the rack and make the score 7-2. With ball-in-hand on the 3-ball, it looks like Danielle is getting back into the match, but a miss on the 7-ball is costly and Naomi wins the rack and the match to claim the Hot Seat.

Danielle goes to the B-Side to meet Carrie Dwyer - the players are evenly matched in a race to six. Carrie jumps to a 3-1 lead, but Danielle battles back, eventually getting Carrie on 3-fouls to knot the score at four racks apiece. The ninth rack sees safeties from both players, and then an untimely miss by Danielle on the 5-ball gives Carrie the chance to run the rack and get on the hill. The players battle for the next rack - with an 8-ball miss by Carrie that leaves Danielle a tough shot, the pressure is on - Danielle needs the rack or the match is over. She makes a great shot on the 8-ball to earn the rack and to bring the score to double-hill. Danielle's break comes up empty, but then Carrie misses the shot on the 1-ball. Danielle makes the 1-ball, but scratches on the 2-ball. Carrie has ball-in-hand and a chance to run the table for the win. but she rattles the 4-ball; Danielle runs out the table to win the match.

Danielle heads back the A-Side to once again face-off against the Cruncher - and in this true double elimination format, Danielle needs to win two sets. Naomi gets off to a fast 2-0 lead in the match. In the third rack, Danielle plays a great safety on the 6-ball, which Naomi hits, but leaves a shot for Danielle. Danielle over-strokes the shot and misses the 6-ball, leaving the rack for Naomi to go up 3-0. Naomi takes the next two racks to advance to a 5-0 lead. Danielle miscues on the 3-ball in the sixth rack, but flukes a hook. With ball-in-hand, Danielle runs out from the 3-ball to take her first rack in the match. Naomi takes the seventh rack for a score of 6-1, then Danielle runs a nice out to make the score 6-2. The players compete back and forth for the eighth rack; after a couple of scratches and misses, Naomi makes a great shot on the 7-ball leaving herself perfect shape on the 8-ball to get out and get on the hill. The Cruncher comes up dry on the break and Danielle runs to the 5-ball, but having left herself a tough shot, she makes the hit but does not pot the ball. Naomi makes an excellent shot on the 5-ball and runs to the nine - with a tough leave, she makes the shot to win the match and the CWPT Season Opener.

Total Purse: $1565.00 includes $500.00 added

1st Place Naomi Williams - $470.00
2nd Place Danielle Morris - $325.00
3rd Place Carrie Dwyer - $230.00
4th Place Elizabeth Kishimoto - $170.00
5/6th Place Angela Roberts/Rachel D'Emanuel - $120.00
7/8th Stephanie Brenda/Sharlene Watkinson - $65.00