Naomi “The Cruncher” Williams Takes the Jeff Bell Custom Cues Title

Naomi Williams

On August 12th/13th, 2006, the Tiger Canadian Women's Pool Tour ("CWPT") held Tour Stop #5, a WBPA Qualifier, at Raxx Bar and Grill in Brampton, Ontario. Twenty-four women from Ontario and the northern United States participated in the two-day event. A big thanks to Jimmy Roumanis (manager), Morris Bartucci and all the Raxx staff for helping make this a successful tournament. Raxx Bar and Grill, along with Jeff Bell Custom Cues and Tiger Products, sponsored the $1,000 Qualifier.

Sunday afternoon brought exciting matches with some of Ontario's best pro and semi-pro players. Of the six returning players, only one player (Dorothy Brown) was not ranked in the Open division.

The Hot Seat match pitted Terri "The Tiger" Mason (Open) against Dorothy Brown (B) in the straight race to 7 format. Dorothy takes a 1-0 lead with a solid shot to pot the nine; however, Terri quickly gets on the board to put up a 1-1 score. Terri quickly takes two more racks to jump ahead with a 3-1 lead. In the fifth rack, Dorothy gets a chance to catch up when she plays a great safety to earn herself a ball-in-hand to shoot the 2-9 combo. As luck would have it, the 9-ball hung in the jaws, leaving a routine 2-9 shot for Terri, and she increases her lead to 4-1. As Terri makes great shots, Dorothy patiently waits her turn at the table and finally has her chance when Terri misses the 9-ball. Dorothy pockets the 9 to win the rack, and she then plays a great 3-9 carom to close the gap and earn herself a third rack. Now only leading the match by one rack, the "Tiger" turns it up a notch and takes the next three racks to win the A-side Final and send Dorothy to the one-loss bracket.

Meanwhile, the B-side is looking pretty tough: the quarter-finals have matched up Maureen "Mo" Seto vs. Rachael Abbink and Grace Nakamura vs. Naomi Williams. Two exciting matches with all Open players. Rachael comes out on top of her match and Naomi also wins her match to advance through the B-side to meet each other in the semi-final. Grace and Mo finish the event with 5th/6th place. Naomi and Rachael battle to the end to determine who goes on to play Dorothy in the B-side final. A great match by two great players, but Naomi bests Rachael, who settles for 4th place in the event.

In the B-side Final, Naomi jumps out to a 4-0 lead. Naomi leaves herself tough, but banks the 5-ball into the side and draws a nice shot on the 6-ball to the 7-ball. Naomi shoots the 7-ball in the corner but nicks the 8-ball which creates an 8-9 combo. Naomi decides to try the combo but misses and leaves the rack for Dorothy to take and get on the board.

More great shots by Naomi and not many chances for Dorothy and the score is now 5-1 in Naomi's favour. With the alternating break format used in during the event, it is Dorothy's turn to break, but nothing goes in. Naomi doesn't have a shot on the 1-ball and calls a "push". Dorothy makes the 1 and the 2, but lands a tough shape for the 3-ball. The cue ball and 3-ball are tied together. Dorothy plays safe and sends the cue ball on the other side of the rail. Great safety shot, but Naomi takes a look and rifles a long shot into the corner and runs the rest of the rack to get on the hill.

Dorothy finally gets a good offensive opportunity and she almost runs out a perfect rack, but scratches the cue ball. Naomi takes the ball and hand and runs out the rest of the rack to clinch the match 7-1 and make her way back to the A-side to challenge Terri for the event title.

In the true double elimination format, Naomi needs to win two sets. "This final match was the most exciting match I have ever seen. I've never seen such smart play, great kick shots and outstanding stroke shots between both players." said Carolina Fernandez, CEO Tiger Canadian Women's Pool Tour

Naomi "Cruncher" Williams is on a mission and marks a fast 4-0 lead, making some great kick shots to get those wins. Terri focuses and takes the next two racks after some missed key shot on the 5-ball and a 9-ball rattled by Naomi. In the sixth frame, Naomi breaks and the 2-ball was left tough. Naomi plays a solid hook on Terri. Terri tries to kick the 2-ball but scratches into the corner. With ball-in-hand, Naomi runs up to the 6-ball which landed a hook shot. Naomi kicks the 6-ball and lands a close safe rail shot. Terri doesn't want to take any chances and decides to play safe and kicks the 6-ball for a great hook shot. Naomi takes her jump cue and jumps the cue ball over the 8-ball and pots the 6-ball into the corner and lands perfect shape for the 7-ball. The spectators went wild! Naomi continues to shoot the rest of the rack but got into trouble with the 9-ball rattling at the corner. Luckily, Naomi rattled the 9-ball safe. Terri tried off the bank but fouled the shot. With ball-in-hand, Naomi shoots the 9-ball into the corner.

The score is 5-2 and Terri's turn to break, but with a miscue, Terri returns to her seat hoping to for some good luck to happen. Naomi runs to the 6-ball and scratches the cue ball. Terri, with a sigh of relief, runs out the rack. The next two racks, Terri takes two more scores after changing her game strategy with a more aggressive approach. The score is now 5-4. Naomi needs to win the next two racks to continue to the next round. Terri's turn to break and scratches the cue ball. Terri went back on to her table wondering bad rolls on her break. Naomi pots the 1 and 2-ball. The cue ball landed on a 3-9 carom shot. Naomi decides to try it but comes up dry. Terri takes the 3 and the 4 and plays the 5-ball safe. Both players fight to see the 5-ball with one playing safe and the other kicking the shot. Finally Terri sees the shot and runs to the 9-ball but she runs into trouble and mis-strokes the shot in the corner. Naomi sinks the 9-ball and is on the hill with a 6-4 score in her favour.

Both players once again play safe on the 5-ball and the other kicking it to play safe. But time Terri tires of this and tries a risky move. She kicks the 5-ball from the rail into the other side of the corner and hangs onto the pocket. The audience was in disbelief as it was a great shot and gave her perfect shape for the 6-ball. Naomi takes the 5 in the corner and runs the rack to take the first set with a score of 7-4.

The second set sees Naomi come out with guns a-blazing! After the third rack, Naomi is leading with a score of 3-0. It is Naomi's turn to break and using her powerful break, she sinks three balls into the pockets. Naomi can see the 1-ball but she notices the 3-ball and 5-ball are stuck together. Naomi plays bottom siding and tries to break up the two balls, but misses the shot. Naomi decides to play safe on the 3-ball. Terri takes the 3-ball in the corner but it was a tough shot and it slides out in the middle of the table. Naomi makes a routine shot on the 3, 4 and 5-balls. The cue ball rolls into the 6-ball and puts together a 6-8 combo. Naomi attempts the combo, misses the shot, and the cue ball scratches into the corner. Naomi couldn't believe her eyes! Terri takes the ball-in-hand and runs out the table to finally get on the scoreboard.

In the next rack, it's Terri's turn to break. Terri runs the table but misses the 5-ball shot and sets up a 5-9 combo shot for Naomi. Naomi strikes the combo into the corner. In the next rack Naomi plays another 1-9 combo with great from her power break shot and takes a huge 5-1 in the match.

In the sixth rack, Naomi breaks and shoots for the 1-ball in the side but the shape was tough so Naomi decides another 2-9 combo. She strikes the cue ball, but this time she misses. The 2-ball lands in a safe hook shot. Terri takes a masse shot, but fouls the shot. Naomi changes her aggressive approach and tries for the 3-hook rule shot and hooks the 2-ball behind the 3-ball. Terri kicks the 2-ball but the 2-ball rolls into the center of the table. Naomi sees the shot and runs the rack.

The score is now 6-1 and Naomi is on the hill. Terri breaks with all that she has but nothing goes in. Naomi is back on the table and runs up to the 8-ball with a straight on shot. The shape was tough to see the 9-ball on the corner rail. Naomi plays all tops with siding but rattles the ball. Luckily for her, it rolls safe on the corner side rail. Terri tries to take the tough 8-ball in the corner but it nicks and rolls to the side rail close to the 9-ball. Naomi plays a perfect bank shot in the side without disrupting the 9-ball, and leaves herself perfect shape to pot the 9-ball in the same side. Nice shot on the 8! With a 7-1 final score, Naomi "Cruncher" Williams wins the event.

Total Purse: $1,535.00
1st Place - Naomi Wiilliams $200.00 + Qualifier $600.00
2nd Place - Terri Mason $325.00
3rd Place - Dorothy Brown $200
4th Place - Rachael Abbink $120.00
5th/6th Place - Grace Nakamura/Maureen Seto - $70.00
Longest Lasting Amateur (7th Place) Carrie Dwyer (B+) - $20.00