Naomi “Cruncher” Williams wins Silver Tip Queen of the Rack and Year End Tour!

The Canadian Women's Pool Tour held its last Tour Stop before the final Championship Stop at Silver Tip Billiards in Mississauga Ontario with $500.00 added. With a field of 20 ladies anticipating to win the Queen of the Rack sponsored by Jeff Bell Custom Cues and Silver Tip Billiards owned by Eddie Goleti and Lynne Martin. Silver Tip is a favorite pool hall that attracts many of the top Pro players like Alex Pagulayan, Cliff Thornburn and many more. The bar has twelve 4 ½ X 9 tables, 5 snooker tables and even a couple of 3 ball cushion tables. “I can see why many pro players are drawn to this bar”, said Carolina Fernandez CEO of the CWPT. “ A variety of pool tables and in great condition.”

In the Hot Seat, Naomi Williams after defeating Terri Mason (9-3), and Dorothy Brown (9-4) waited to challenge a new player in the scene Terry Lynne Bruce, who defeated Carolina Fernandez (4-2) and Semi-Pro Player Denise Belanger (4-0). Naomi “Cruncher” Williams, although was playing very strong, couldn't get into the game with Terry -Lynne's amazing 3 combo shots and hooks that forced Naomi to the one-loss bracket.

Continuing on the winner's bracket, Terry- Lynne met up with Krista Walsh who was on fire after defeating Semi-Pro Player Lynne Martin (6-8) hill-hill match, Cathy Lefrenier (6-2) and Anne Beatti (6-4). Terry-Lynne played her game with focus and confidence but was no matched to Krista's fury kicks, safeties and smooth stroking thus taking the score 6-1 sending Terry-Lynne Bruce to the B-side.

On the B-side, Naomi was doing her usual crunching thus defeating Penny Devos (9-6) who had to settle for a 5th place finish this time, after competing at the WPBA qualifier placing a well earned 3rd place and Anne Beattie (9-0) taking 4th place to once again catch up with Terry-Lynne Bruce in the semi-finals. After being defeated against Terry-Lynne, Naomi was on a mission and oh what a mission it was.

With a 9 ball break and safety shots, she returned the favor by taking control and not letting Terry-Lynne in the game what so ever and capturing the win with a score of (9-2). Terry-Lynne competed in her fourth tournament against the women, Denise Belanger says, had without a doubt earned the 3rd place spot by showing Denise that practice does pay off. Congratulations Terry-Lynne.

Krista Walsh, of St John's, Newfoundland now residing in Toronto, Ontario and Naomi Williams of Toronto, our point's leader squares off for the second time ever. With Krista winning her match against Naomi at the BCA Canadian 8 Ball Championships. Things would be different this time. With both ladies agreeing to an extended 2 game single knock out match and Krista racing to 8 and Naomi racing to 11, the battle was on. Krista wins the lag and breaks', thus making two unusual misses in the first two games.

Naomi takes a (2-0) lead. Krista still determined to stay in the game and capitalizing on Naomi's misses with a couple of 9-ball's rattling over the pocket, knotted the score (3-3). It was a very good match and both ladies were playing strong with plenty of safeties and kick shots from both, the match went hill-hill, with Krista breaking, however no friends were to be had and nothing went into the pocket. Naomi approaches the table and misses the 1 ball. Krista runs out the 1-3 balls and lands safe with the 4-ball. Naomi kicks the 4 ball into the pocket with the 5 ball tough, Naomi buries the cue ball forcing Krista to foul her shot. Naomi sinks the 5-6 ball and once again buries the 7 ball. Krista tries for the safe on the 7 ball but leaves it in the open. Naomi ran out for the (11-7) victory. Naomi wins the Queen of the Rack and the overall year end points winner, thus taking 1st place trophy and a cash prize of $440.00. Krista received the second place trophy and a cash prize of $275.00. Naomi also wins Overall End of Season Tour - 700 pts

Great job ladies and keep practicing for 8 Ball is fast approaching. (Final play notes taken by Corrine Johnson). Thank you Corrin

See you at the next event Stop # 7 Championship and WPBA Qualifier Stop $1000.00 added at Doolys - Waterloo on November 20-21 2004