Naomi Williams Wins CWPT Finale

Carolina Fernandez, Grace Nakamura, Brian Bedford & Naomi Williams

On October 14 – 15 2006, Dunlop Billiards, owned by Brian Bedford, hosted their first Tiger Canadian Women's Pool Tour event with open arms. The $500.00 added Tiger Products, Dunlop Billiards and Bell Custom Cues sponsored Bell Cues event. Although there were some conflicts with other independent women's tournaments, CWPT held its flag high and 23 ladies came to support the tour including top ranked tour player, Naomi Williams. After Naomi's last WPBA event disappointment where she settled for 2nd place against Jasmin Ouschan, she is now more determined to come out on top - First place! But this event was a special event for her. This event was not only to win the title but to win the final year of the Tiger Canadian Pool Tour, and she did that with one big final 1st place sweep! “Naomi has played awesomely this entire season. Not only she has finished first place at Dunlop Billiards, but she has won the invitation to the WPBA and she finish first place overall for the season.”, said Carolina Fernandez, CEO of the Tiger Canadian Women's Pool Tour.

After a tough competition on Saturday, day two saw the returning players of WPBA Pro Grace Nakamura, Semi-Pro Naomi Williams, Semi-Pro Terri Mason, Leanne Amable, Nikki Manzer, and Libby Kishimoto.

The winners' side top two featured Grace Nakamura versus Libby Kishimoto. Although Kishimoto played extremely strong on Saturday's night match, but on Sunday, Nakamura smacked down Kishimoto with an 8 – 2 score, sending Kishimoto to the B side finals.

On the one-loss side, the field continued to get smaller; Manzer eliminated Amable (5-4) while Williams played a tough competitor and defeated Terri “Tiger” Mason with a hill – hill match which went right down to the crunch! Another player went out the next round, as Williams stayed alive on a hill - hill match defeating Manzer (8-4). Williams now takes a ride on the B-side finals and this time she is determined to stay on top as she faces Kishimoto to battle to get back to the A-side. In the final one-loss side match, Kishimoto almost took out Williams' plan by taking the first game, but Williams' determination and focus takes a crunching lead of (8-2), forcing Kishimoto to settle for 3rd place. Williams reaches to the finals as she faces her challenger Nakamura.

The final A-side match starts off with Williams winning the lag break, in this true double elimination handicap event, Williams needs to defeat Nakamura twice to win the title. Williams breaks with all her strength. Although nothing went into the pocket the spectators were awed by her breaking ability. Nakamura is up on the table and continues to the run the rack but falls dead on the 5-ball. Williams finish the rack with 1-0 lead. After seven racks, Williams takes a jumping lead of 6-1 as a result of Nakamura's cue ball scratch and missed key shots that cost quite a few games. But Nakamura slips a tricky hook shot by leaving the cue-ball behind the 7-ball. Williams wasn't able to pull off the shot and Nakamura takes another score. Nakamura needs six more racks to win. Nakamura breaks and looks to be running a routine rack but was surprised by the 7-ball rattle in the corner. Nakamura sat down on her seat and shakes her head in disbelief. In the next frame, Williams is on the hill. Williams misses the shot on the 3-ball and Nakamura runs up to the 7-ball. The cue ball felt short and Nakamura decides to cut in the corner and another 7-ball rattle in the corner. Williams sees the opportunity and closes the deal. With an 8-2 score Williams gives herself a shot at winning this event.

Round two has been called and Nakamura wins the lag with a great lottery 9 of the break lead. Nakamura's next break was a bad whammy cue ball foul and Williams runs the rack which leads to a tied score. After six racks, Williams has a 4-2 lead, but the tables turn as Williams misses ball-in-hand shot which gave a great advantage for Nakamura as she steals her third score on the board and taking two more racks after. In game 10, Nakamura is leading 5-4, but this time both players didn't budge as they were exchanging their best pool playing skills with one safety and a run out after. It was a late night and the match went to game 13 with a hill – hill score. This time the game was more stamina and concentration then pool player ability. Nakamura plays safe on the 6-ball and left a poor leave with 5 – 9 carom shot. Williams takes the combo challenge and misses by a hair! Luckily for Williams the 5-ball lands safe. Nakamura tries a risky 5 – 9 combo bank shot! And misses the target. The 5-ball steers to the rights side close to the corner. Williams takes control and draws the 5-ball in the corner for perfect shape on the 6-ball. “Nice shot!” said one of the spectators. Williams runs out the rack. Williams's huge comeback earns her the Bell Cues title and The Tiger Canadian Women's Pool Tour - End of the Year Top Rank Title.

The tournament total cash prize was at $1190.00 including the $500.00 added money.

1st Place Naomi Williams - $475.00
2nd Place Grace Nakamura - $295.00
3rd Place Elizabeth Kishimoto - $180.00
4th Place Nikki Manzer - $120.00
5/6th Place Leanne Amable/Terri Mason - $60.00

Second Chance
1st Place – April Greenbird $60.00