Brittany is Crowned Bell Cues Queen of the Rack

Maureen Seto and Brittany Bryant
Brittany is Crowned Bell Cues Queen of the Rack

The Tiger Canadian Women's Pool Tour held Event #6, the Bell Cues Queen of the Rack on September 15, 2007 at Tony's Place in Guelph, Ontario. A big thanks to Angelo and his staff for taking great care of the players and spectators! There were many women's pool events taking place over the weekend, however, 14 players had their eyes set on the title and guaranteed cash prize sponsored by Tiger Products, Bell Cues and Tony's Place. Brittany Bryant, a regular at Tony's Place, wins the event undefeated.

Working her way through the A-Side, Bryant was on fire and crunches her toughest four opponents, including Maureen Seto, WPBA Pro, thus sending Seto to the one-loss side. With ease, Bryant claims the Hot Seat and now waits for her next opponent to come over from the B-side.

Over on the B-side bracket, the field grows smaller as Susan Wipper defeats Carrie Dwyer (6-5), then Wipper takes home 4th Place, with a loss to Corrine Johnson (7-6). In the semi-final B-side match, Johnson takes on Seto. Johnson was on top of her game earlier, but in this match, she struggled against Seto who was capitalizing on every shot that Johnson missed. With an 8 – 3 score, Corrine Johnson settles for 3rd Place in the event, and Seto gets ready to take on Bryant for the second time.

In the tournament finals, Seto seeks pay back on the table and jumps out to a 6 – 2 score. It looks like the match is in Seto's favour, but the tables turn as Bryant takes advantage of a missed key shot by Seto. The score on the wire is now 6-3, still in Seto's favour, as she needs only two games to Bryant's three games. The next two racks see some costly errors made by Seto; with several cue ball fouls giving Bryant some timely opportunities, she puts up two more scores on the wire. In this handicapped event, Bryant is on the hill and Seto needs two more games to win the event. In the 13th rack, Seto changes her strategy and plays safe. Bryant kicks the 2-ball and leaves a perfect hook shot back. Seto couldn't believe her eyes as she was convinced it had been a solid play. Seto kicks back but leaves a perfect run for Bryant. Bryant tries to run out the rack but the 8-ball rattles in the corner. Seto sees the light and finishes the rack. The final match is hill – hill. Seto has a perfect break, and starts to make shots, but she stumbles on the 3-ball. Seto plays safe and sends the cue ball behind the 5-ball. Bryant sees the shot is very difficult and tries to kick the cue ball but misses the target. Seto takes the ball-in-hand, a great advantage with this routine rack; but to her surprise, she misses the 7-ball in the corner. This is a great opportunity for Brittany and she steps to the table and closes the deal. With a 7 – 6 final score, Seto settles for 2nd Place and Brittany Bryant, our youngest tour member, wins the Bell Cues Queen of the Rack.