Rachael “Road Warrior Princess” Abbink is crowned Queen of the Mountain

Carolina Fernandez CEO CWPT, Rachael Abbink, Bill - Owner of Wooden Rack and Terri Mason 2nd place

On November 25/26 2006, the Tiger Canadian Women's Pool Tour held the Tour Championship, with the event being hosted by Wooden Rack in Mississauga, Ontario. The field of 26 players included Rachael Abbink, who remained undefeated in the Bell Cues Queen of the Mountain Event. Tiger Products, Bell Custom Cues, Wooden Rack, and Corporate Graphics sponsored the $1,000.00 added.

The championship stop also held a year-end awards presentation to the players for the most points during overall season. 1st Place was awarded to Naomi Williams, 2nd Place to Danielle Morris and 3rd Place to Terri Mason. The Most Improved Player prize was awarded to Nikki Manzer; Most 9's Off the Break was awarded to Carrie Dwyer; Most 9-Ball Runs was awarded to Naomi Williams, and the Second Chance Queen was awarded to Leanne Amable. "I want to thank all the players who participated in the event", said Carolina Fernandez, CEO Tiger Canadian Women's Pool Tour, "Without the dedicated players who participate in our events throughout the year, we wouldn't be able to have a tour."

Sunday saw the return of the top eight players of the two day event: Naomi Williams, Terri "Tiger" Mason, Rachael Abbink, Leanne Amable, Grace Nakamura, Maureen Seto, Kristy Devries and Dawn Craigie.

After defeating Maureen “Mo” Seto, and sending her to the one-loss bracket, Williams faces Abbink in the Hot Seat match. Although the players are equally matched, Williams was a little under the weather this weekend and was struggling throughout her matche against Abbink, resulting in an 8-4 final score and Williams moving to the B-side of the tournament board.

In the B-side semi-final match, Williams tried to stay focus in her game against Mason, but Mason, who just defeated Devries 8-3, and then Seto in a hill – hill match, feels very confident and up to the challenge, and shuts out Williams with an 8-2 score. "Although Williams was not herself today, but she is really dedicated in the sport which is her passion." said Carolina Fernandez. "I admire her dedication."

Now in the true double elimination event final, “Tiger” Mason versus Rachael “Road Warrior Princess” Abbink, sets for an exciting match. Both players are handicapped as Open (semi-pro) players and both are hungry to win the title. In game one, Mason starts out strong with a run out table but ends out with a shocking rattled 9-ball in the corner pocket and Abbink takes the first score on the board. But this didn't disrupt Mason's concentration. Mason takes three scores on the board as she takes advantage of some errors on Abbink's key shots and jumps out to a 3-1 lead. The next racks went back and forth, but in Game 9 and 10, Abbink pulls out her tricks on the table, including two jump shots that were perfect and lead to runouts. The score is tied at five racks apiece. In the handicapped event, both players race to eight, and now needed to win three more. In game 12, Mason missed a key shot on the 7-ball due to a tough shape outcome and Abbink breaks the tied leading the score 7-6. Abbink breaks and sinks the 1-ball, but the cue ball lands a tough shot. Abbink decides to shoot a long cut shot in the corner and successfully pots the 2-ball into the pocket. "Nice shot" said one of the spectators. The great shot landed the cue ball a tough shot for the 3-ball. Abbink missed the key shot 3-ball into the corner. Abbink shakes her head and sits down in her seat wondering what went wrong. Mason takes control and shoots the 3-ball but left herself tough on the 4-ball. Mason decides to play safe but the cue ball drifted out too far and Abbink was able to see the 4-ball. With confidence, Abbink runs the rest of the rack. With an 8-6 score, Rachael Abbink wins the Bell Cues Queen of the Mountain title event!

Total Payout: $1,585.00 including the $1,000.00 added

1st place - Rachael Abbink - $540.00
2nd place - Terri Mason - $370.00
3rd place - Naomi Williams - $275.00
4th place - Kristy Devries - $200.00
5th/6th place - Grace Nakamura and Maureen Seto - $130.00 each
7th/8th place - Dawn Cragie and Leanne Amable - $70.00 each