Cha Stuns Van Boening! Fisher & Ouschan Advance to Final 32

Yu Ram Cha

In an amazing comeback performance, Yu Ram Cha overcame a 8-4 deficit to defeat former World 10-Ball and US Open Champion Shane Van Boening. Cha was one of the three remaining women left in the event with the monumental task of qualifying for the final stage of the event.  Ozone Billiards presented the 112 top players from around the globe along with top sponsor on the Dragon Promotions production at the Riviera Hotel & Casino May 11-16,2009 during the BCAPL's National 8-Ball Championships. The 9th Annual Predator International 10-Ball Championship features live scoring of the entire event on

The match started out shaky for Cha and routine for Van Boening. Shane took an early 4-1 lead, which Cha later narrowed to 5-4. Shane then took the next 3 games to lead a comfortable 8-4. The valiant Cha never gave up and fought her way to close the gap at 8-6. After a smashing break, which she switched from the middle to the side rail, she made a tricky off angle combo on the 10-Ball to get within 8-7. The next game was cat and mouse with Van Boening leaving Yu Ram a half table length jump cut shot. Cha jumped a ball and sliced the 4ball down the rail in an amazing shot and proceeded to run the rack out to tie 8-8. The crowd was going wild.

In game 19, Cha broke and ran out. On the hill leading 9-8 now, Cha broke and made another ball on the break and faced a jacked up shot as the cueball lay over a ball and she had to shoot length of the table off angle shot on the 1ball. She nailed it perfectly.
"That was a helluva shot", murmured Johnny Archer watching the match from a distance.
Cha was set up for an open table run, and she executed the run perfectly down to the final 10-Ball. Looking at the shot, getting down, and then up one more time the nerves were showing. The steely eyed Cha then regrouped and stroked an off angle shot on the 10-Ball for the win. A big smile formed on her face and she was overcome with emotion as she had to sit down. She got up to embrace her mentor and coach Charlie Williams as he paused his own match to come over and congratulate her victory.
"I can't believe it!" said Cha after the match.
"We trained and prepared so much for the match with Shane last Friday. I told her she could really beat him, that it's possible. She lost that day but got a second crack at him tonight. And this time the work paid off", said Charlie Williams.
"That girl is going to be a force to be reckoned with", said Nesli O'hare, former top WPBA womens pro.
"Boy that girl is going to be strong. She has a stroke power that is so deceiving because of her looks and size", commented Jay Helfert, one of the Co-tournament directors.
Allison Fisher was considered to be the favorite in her match with Dan Heidrich. Thought the match was close till 6-6, Fisher turned it up a notch and showed Dan the exit at 10-6. Fisher will join the rest of the men field in the final 32 tomorrow. Fisher will face Shawn Putnam in the final bracket.
Jasmin Oushcan won a convincing 10-6 over Spain's Carlos Cabello who earlier in the event handed Ralf Souquet one loss. This marks the first time in the 9 year history of the event a woman would have finished in the prize money and in the top quarter of the field.
All total 3 women out of the 32 seeded players have made it through. is offering bonus money to the top woman's finisher of $1000 and $500 for the second highest in addition to the regular prize money.
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