Delawder and Kennedy Take first KF Wins

Justin Hall and Tommy Kennedy

The 2nd stop on the KF Cue Tour was held at the Art Of Billiards in Gainesville, FL, 10,24,09.

Saturday's $1000 Added Amateur event would kick off with a Strong 41 player field.

Mike Delawder was the man to beat on the day, after finishing 2nd in the 1st event of the season he would go one better in Gainesville and finally capture his first KF title. Delawder went through the field undefeated with wins over Bill Stoll 7-2, Mike Hutcheson 7-5, Bobby Garza 7-4, Chip Dickerson 7-2, Don Kriesler 7-3 and then a win over Fast breaks Room owner Ted Lepak 7-4 to capture the hot seat.

While all this was going on a familiar face on tour Jim (Jazz Man) Oddy who took a 1st round loss to Jimmy Garza won 6 matches on the one loss side before bumping into Julio Del Pozo to finish 7th. Matt Bauries would make his way to the final with wins over Trevor Moore 5-2, Chip Dickerson 5-0, Daniel Plumber 5-2, Don Kriesler 5-4 and then a semi final win over Ted Lepak 5-3. The final would see Mike Delawder play some strong pool and take his first KF title with a commanding 8-4 win.

Bryce lepak would finish top Junior and receive a free entry and Valerie Dukich would finish top lady receiving $30

Amateur Payout, 1st Mike Delawder $550, 2nd Matt Bauries $390, 3rd Ted Lepak $290, 4th Don Kriesler $190, 5th-6th Julio Del Pozo, Daniel Plumber $130, 7th-8th Jim (Jazz Man) Oddy, Chip Dickerson $90, 9th-12th Mike Webb, Jimmy Bird, Elvis Rodriguez, Trevor Moore $60

Sundays $1000 Added open event would draw a very strong 33 players, Some notable names in attendance were Butch Croft, Neil Fujiwara, Tommy Kennedy, Dan Lavoie, Justin Hall, Richie Richeson and Tony Crosby to mention a few.

On the day Justin Hall was looking very strong and steam rolled his way to the final with wins over Charlie Tudor 7-2, Jim Sandaler 7-4, Jim Oddy 7-1, Chip Dickerson 7-4 and then a win over Matt Bauries 7-4 to capture the hot seat. The day was filled with big name players taking early losses; one of those players the 1992 US Open Champion Tommy Kennedy would take a first round loss to Jim Sandaler 7-6. Kennedy would then dig deep and play some amazing pool and plough his way through the one loss side with wins over Bob Albert, Bill Dunsmore, Ted Lepak, Don Kriesler, Butch Croft, Chip Dickerson, Trevor Moore and then a semi final win over Matt Bauries 7-6.

The Final would see the first 4 games shared with score 2-2 Kennedy would make a few mental errors and lose the next 3 games to go behind 5-2, Just when it looked like Hall might run away with it Tommy Kennedy would rattle of 5 games in a row with some great shot making and safety play winning him many of them games, Hall would pull one back to get the score to 8-6 but that as far as it would go as Kennedy would be the 2nd player on the weekend to win his 1st KF Title.

Open Payouts, 1st Tommy Kennedy $600. 2nd Justin Hall $400. 3rd Matt Bauries $ $280. 4th Trevor Moore $190. 5th-6th Chip Dickerson, Richie Richeson $90. 7th-8th Bucth Croft, Neil Fujiwara $60.

The KF cue tour would like to Thank Art Of Billiards room owners Dana & Art Rogers for hosting a great event along with all our sponsors that can be viewed at

Important The Bankshot Billiards event that was suppose to take place on November the 7th-8th has now been moved to Strokers in Palm Harbor, We are sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused as we know many players had already pinned this event in on their calendars, We will reschedule with Bankshots in Ocala for a later date.

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