Derby City Final Day underway

On the final day of the Derby City Classic, the nine-ball division is down to thirteen players with five undefeated.

Tinsley Johnson, John Brumback, Tony Chohan, Jay Pettlon, Tommy Stephenson and Cliff Joyner all lost and were eliminated in the first round of play on Saturday while Joey Korsiak, Jamie Farrel and Alex Pagulayan lost and used their buy-back options.

This leaves Max Eberle, Jose Parica, Ralf Souquet, Shawn Putnam and Johnny Archer as the only undefeated players going into the second round of action on Saturday with Archer and Putnam playing each other in the upcoming round. Other marquee matches include Jose Parica vs Rodney Morris and Max Eberle vs Joey Korsiak. Jamie Farrel drew his second bye of the event and will move into the next round without a match.