Derby City Thursday Update

Larry Nevel finished 6th in One Pocket

As of late Thursday night, the one pocket division at the Derby City Classic was down to five players vying for the $9000 in first place prize money.

Billy Palmer defeated Larry Nevel leaving Nevel in 6th place. Still playing matches at that time were Efren Reyes vs Jerry Slivka and Marco Marquez vs Don McCaughey. Both Reyes and Marquez were still unbeaten in the division.

There were approximately 100 players left in the 9-ball division with marquee matches including George Breedlove's 7-1 torching of Larry Nevel, Mika Immonen over Keith McCready, Alex Pagulayan over Corey Deuel and Earl Strickland over Scott Frost.

A final winner in the one pocket division will be crowned today and 9-ball matches will continue all day and all weekend.