Wednesday Derby City Update

Efren Reyes remained unbeaten Wednesday

Wednesday play at the Derby City Classic drew to a close with sixteen players left in the one pocket division.

Of those sixteen players, nine players were still unbeaten including Efren Reyes, Cliff Joyner, Charlie Bryant, Ralph Carnes, Marco Marquez, Larry Nevel, Gabe Owen, Billy Palmer and Don McCaughey.

Marquee matches in the one pocket division included Billy Palmer's hill-hill elimination of Jose Parica, Cliff Joyner defeating Alex Pagulayan and Rodney Morris avenging an earlier loss and beating Marcus Chamat. Pagulayan and Morris are still playing with one loss each. Another marquee match on Wednesday saw Efren Reyes taken to hill-hill before he was able to defeat Jeanette Lee.

The 9-ball division got underway on Wednesday with 310 players competing. The first round of play is not complete, but marquee matches so far were Shannon Daulton over Mika Immonen, Max Eberle over Tang Hoa, Robb Saez over Shawn Putnam and Bobby Hunter over Brandon Ashcroft.

Select matches in the one-pocket and 9-ball division will be shown online as part of the Billiard Club Network's PPV package. A schedule should be available at