Deuel Batting 1000 in Ring Games

Deuel lines up the final 3-10 combo

Cory Deuel snapped off 5 other champions at The 4th Annual Predator Central FL RingGame on Thursday night following the Charity Event for the Boys & Girls Club. Deuel played fantastic running out from everywhere and only missing one shot throughout the 3 hour plus affair.

The players included Rodney Morris, Buddy Hall, Tony Crosby, Mika Immonen, and Thorsten Hohmann.

Hohmann had never played a ringgame before and he got little opportunity to play as he was the first to go. "Even though I went out first, it was still a very fun experience.", the World Champion was quoted.

Next to leave was Buddy Hall who won a few games but never really got going. Soon after was Morris who had chances early on to take some games and came with some great shots, but unfortunately followed up with some misses on routine shots.

The Dark Horse was Tony Crosby who was taking Johnny Archer's place. Tony broke and ran the very first rack of the ringgame and continued to play well throughout. He made it to the sudden death round in the 4th hour with Immonen and Deuel. But Immonen won putting Tony out and left Deuel and Immonen left. Deuel had $4800 and Mika had $$4200. This made the total bet $4200 which would force Mika to have to win that game. Mika broke and the cueball unluckily was kissed into the corner pocket after stopping. Cory than proceeded to make the 1 ball, 2 ball, and then accidentally clipped the 3 ball but fortunate as it rolled right in front of the 10 Ball for a dead 3 - 10 combo.

Deuel pocketed $9000 for the victory.

The ringgame will be out in 2 weeks on DVD and VHS at with commentary by Charlie Williams and Allan McCarty(Owner & Founder of Predator Cues).