Frost Comes Back To Lead Orcollo Challenge Match

Things weren't looking good early for Scott Frost, as he trailed Dennis Orcollo 5-0 early on day one of their $200,000 one pocket challenge match at The Carom Room in Beloit WI on March 2nd. 
"Starting the day off right before the match, I felt real comfortable. Almost too comfortable for some reason. Dennis played flawlessly the first game and shot a couple shots I felt were wrong shots but he made them and like a switch I got really tense. Next thing I know I'm down 5-0 and my corner man says 'Scott, if they'd of asked for 5 on the wire, we'd of probably givin it to them, so stay strong'." Frost said after the day's play. "So I just kept fighting down 5/0 and the momentum started to carry me."
"Carry him" it did, as he turned that five rack deficit into a two rack 10-8 lead at the end of the night.
Both competitors will be back at it on Friday at 3:00pm CST, and the match will go until one player has won 40 racks on Sunday. The $200,000 at stake in this match is thought to be the largest challenge match in one pocket history. 
Fans wanting to watch the action can tune into and watch this great match for free all weekend long.