Orcollo back on top in One Pocket Challenge Match

Dennis Orcollo (Photo courtesy of JP Parmentier)

While the story of day one at the Scott Frost vs Dennis Orcollo challenge match was all about Frost's come from behind 10-8 lead, day two was all about Orcollo. 


The two rack deficit that Orcollo started the day with, was quickly done away with, and the score was tied at 11-11 early. From there, Orcollo took control of the day's play and seemed to being played a much more relaxed game than he had displayed on day one. A representative for Orcollo commented after day two that Orcollo had been struggling with over thinking things on day one and it led to a headache late in the day. "He still had a light headache (on day two), but Tylenol took care of it and (Orcollo took the advice to) not get overwhelmed by putting a lot of stuff is his head every shot". 


As Orcollo's game got stronger, Frost seemed to struggle with his game. Frost missed a couple balls late that he would make 99 times out of 100, and Orcollo was more that willing to take advantage. At the end of the day's play, Orcollo holds a 20-15 lead.


The players are playing for $200,000, thought to be the largest challenge match in one pocket history. Fans wanting to watch the action can tune into Ontherailtv.com and watch this great match for free all weekend long.