Gold Members Set to Win Big in January

Our AZB Gold Members (join HERE) are about to hit another jackpot! In January we are giving away a Lucasi Hybrid Custom cue, the LHF60, a great Delta-13 Elite rack, and three Shane Van Boening Instructional DVD’s!

The Lucasi LHF60 is ‘loaded’. This cue features a Cocobolo and Ebony forearm and butt-sleeve and the Fusion GS grip. The shaft features Zero Flexpoint technology for improved shotmaking as well as their famous 8-piece Total Sweetspot Construction topped off with a Kamui Brown leather tip. The cue also has the X-Shox Dampening System for extra shooting comfort and carries the Lucasi Lifetime Guarantee.

By now you should all know about the Delta-13 Elite rack. This aluminum rack is engineered by an aerospace company to exacting standards that cannot be achieved with wooden racks. The result is a rack that delivers tight racks without any need for hammering dents into your felt to coerce the balls into place. This is the only hard rack on the market that delivers the precision required for a tight and always satisfactory rack. Once you try the Delta-13 you will never pick up a wooden rack again. It is that much better.

The good folks at TAR are once again providing you an instruction DVD from one of the legends of the game, Shane Van Boening. Shane shares his knowledge of breaking, aiming, the mental game, and on and on. You can take your game up several levels from the education that this DVD delivers.