Great Britain Wins World Team Championship

Team Great Britain

The final day of the World Team Championship in Hannover Germany was  all about Great Britain!

The final match of the event saw the squad with Darren Appleton, Daryl Peach, Mark Gray and Karl Boyes (Imran Majid did not play in this match) beat the Philippines with a clear and unexpected 4:1.

At the beginning in the 8-Ball doubles it looks like the Philippine team had everything under control. Dennis Orcullo and Warren Kiamco had no problems with the team of Karl Boyes and Daryl Peach. The Philippine duo scored an easy 6-1 win. Only a few moments later though, the British team came back with Darren Appleton and Mark Gray beating Ronnie Alcano and Marlon Manalo by the same 6-1 score.

The 9-Ball singles match of Boyes against Lee van Corteza was very close, but the other match between Mark Gray and Antonio Lining was over in just over 45 minutes. Gray made no mistakes and took all his chances for an 8-2 win

Compared to that match, the Boyes/Corteza match was a nailbiter. At the score of 7-6 Corteza, there was a one hour break for the final show of the fair that was taking place in the same hall the whole week. After the match was re-started, Boyes didn't miss a beat and took control for the 8-7 win and an overall 3-1 Great Britain lead.

That left Great Britain only needing one more point to win to hoist the trophy.  

Darren Appleton had to play the unbeaten Dennis Orcollo and Daryl Peach met Ronnie Alcano at the second table. Former world champ Appleton, was unbelievable in that match. He made absolutely no mistakes. Every position was perfect so in the end every shot was easy. Orcollo never really had a chance and at the same time he was struggling with his break. In the end, Darren was in dead stroke and scored a lopsided 7-1 win for his team.

WPA President Ian Anderson was on hand and presented the team from Great Britain with the big trophy.

The 600 spectators gave standing ovations to all the players who really deserved it.

Fans saw nine days of great pool and lots of action. The Shoot-Out was something really new and thrilling. All the teams, win or lose, liked the format; and so did the fans.

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