Great Southern Billiard Tour Championship Day Three Comes to An End

Sparky Ferrell remains unbeaten

The third day of the Great Southern Billiard Tour Championship is drawing to a close at the Diamond Billiard Club in Chattanooga, Tennessee. Day three brought out the big guns and saw many interesting matches -

Jessie Middlebrooks took down the mighty Shane Van Boening 11-10 on Friday and then on Saturday managed to send Larry Nevel to the one-loss side 11-5 and Josh Roberts 11-7 sealing his spot into Sunday against Alex Pagulayan as one of the final four on the no-loss side.

In addition to Middlebrooks, the winners side of the brackets saw some upsets in the form of a loss by Shannon Daulton to Jonathan Teder on the hill 11-10; Louis Ulrich was bested by Bill Young 11-3; Cliff Joyner succumbed to Rafael Martinez 11-7; and Chad Vilmont was sent to the one-loss side also by Danny Smith 11-3.

The one-loss side had already seen Helena Thornfeldt down Monica Webb 11-8, but she was then eliminated by Dave Crockett 11-5. Shane Van Boening continued his run of the brackets over Stevie Moore 11-4, only to have another couple of tough competitors jump into his path – Van Boening had no problem sending them on their way with scores of 11-2 over Louis Ulrich and 11-3 over Cliff Joyner. Gabe Owen ended Shannon Daulton's quest for the title 11-1 and then was stopped himself by Jonathan Hennessee 11-6 shortly after.

The final few players are set for Sunday. On the winners side of the bracket, Alex Pagulayan v. Jessie Middlebrooks, and Rafael Martinez v. Sparky Ferrell. On the one-loss side, Shane Van Boening v. Danny Smith, Jonathan Hennessee v. Josh Roberts, Chad Vilmont v. Bill Young, and Larry Nevel v. Jonathan Teder. Best of luck to these guys on Sunday!

To change the subject a bit, the excitement of the $1000 entry ten-ball ring game is currently underway with the likes of Shane Van Boening, Johnny Archer, Shannon Daulton, Bobby Pickle, Billy Young, Stevie Moore, Larry Nevel, Gabe Owen, Jonathan Hennessee, and Billy Bailey. We will have the winner and highlights tomorrow for you as it is sure to run the course of the evening.

The venue will remain open 24 hours during the event with spectator daily passes at $10 a day. For more information on the event, contact Diamond Billiard Club at (423) 877-5882.

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