Great Southern Billiard Tour Championships – Final Day

Van Boening won the Saturday night ring game

Ending day three of the Great Southern Billiard Tour Championship at the Diamond Billiard Club in Chattanooga, Tennessee, was the $1000 entry ten-ball ring game. Some of the names changed, but the play remained the same; superior. Entered into this event were Larry Nevel, Stevie Moore, Johnny Archer, Shannon Daulton, Shane Van Boening, Cliff Joyner, Sparky Ferrell, Bobby Pickle, Billy Young, and Alex Pagulayan.

The final table came down to Archer, Van Boening, Daulton, Pagulayan, and Ferrell. The first to be knocked out of the game were Pagulayan and Daulton, followed shortly by Ferrell and Moore, leaving the two gentlemen that continue to jump into each other's paths – Archer and Van Boening. By that time, Van Boening had an approximate $1000 chip lead on Archer. At one point the bet was raised to pretty much half of Archer's stack – Van Boening broke and ran two racks to put Archer all in. After coming up dry on the break, Van Boening gave Archer an opportunity back at the table, but it was a difficult kick shot that caused Archer to return the favor, but in the form of a very easy shot allowing Van Boening to steal the win in the end.

Sunday has already been an exciting day in the main event with Jessie Middlebrooks continuing his momentum. In one of the final two winners side matches today, Middlebrooks sent Alex Pagulayan to the one-loss side with a score of 11-7. The other winners side match between Sparky Ferrell and Rafael Martinez ended with Ferrell on top 11-7. The hot seat will be played between Middlebrooks and Ferrell.

On the one-loss side, the upsets were abound. Shane Van Boening was eliminated from the tournament by Jonathan Hennesse 11-8, and Larry Nevel sent Chad Vilmont home 11-6. Nevel and Pagulayan, along with Hennessee and Martinez are finishing out the board at this time. The final round is planned to begin at approximately 8 pm. More to follow.

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