Great Southern Billiard Tour Championship Day Two

Helena Thornfeldt sent Johnny Archer to the one loss side

Thursday night the Great Southern Billiard Tour Championship event officially began and will run through Sunday (January 24th-27th) at the Diamond Billiard Club in Chattanooga, Tennessee. If you can't make it, will be your in into the tournament as brackets and periodic updates will be available here throughout the event.

Last night, the $10,000 added nine-ball main event brought in a total of seventy-eight players and is being played on seven-foot Diamond tables with a format of sets to eleven, double elimination. The final round will be played to fifteen (win by two).

Some of the highlights from the main tournament: the first round held what appeared to be only one marquee match-up which consisted of between Stevie Moore and 21st Annual Music City 9-Ball Open runner-up Tommy D'Alfonso, Moore got the better of D'Alfonso by coming out on top 11-7. The second rounds started seeing a change in pace, Cliff Joyner sent Gabe Owen 11-7 to the one-loss side; while Helena Thornfeldt held firm in defeating Johnny Archer 11-5 – she pulled together eight racks to take the win.

Round three has started to see the top names locking horns including Larry Nevel blowing out Stevie Moore 11-1; Danny Smith besting Jonathan Hennessee 11-9; and Jessie Middlebrooks had an accomplished win over Shane Van Boening on the hill 11-10, sending Van Boening to the one-loss side right into the path of what looks to be Johnny Archer. Archer must beat Mike Basha to have an opportunity at Van Boening.

Round three still has numerous marquee match-up to run through including Helena Thornfeldt v. Sparky Ferrell; Larry Nevel will take on Jessie Middlebrooks; and Rafael Martinez against Cliff Joyner. Not to mention the start of the nine-ball bank ring game that will begin at approximately 8 p.m. this evening. Currently signed up for this $1000 entry ring game is Shannon Daulton, Billy Young, Cliff Joyner, and Tony Fargo. It is anticipated that other entrants will throw their names in the hat.

For those of you watching contently, we should have at least one more update late this evening from Chattanooga with the outcome of the nine-ball bank ring game.

Just a reminder, the venue will remain open 24 hours during the event with spectator daily passes at $10 a day or $30 for the entire tournament. For more information on the event, contact Diamond Billiard Club at (423) 877-5882.

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