Hatch over Appleton

Dennis Hatch celebrates

On the final day of play in the Dennis Hatch vs Darren Appleton Action Challenge Match, both players came in ready to battle it out one final time. Appleton seemed to have worked out some of the kinks in his game and seemed as if he was going to close the gap on Hatch.

Darren was finally able to make a ball on his breaks but in the end didn't help. Darren said after the match that he felt that his fundamentals were off and at least he was able to recognize what he was doing wrong and was able to correct those mistakes. Which is good since the World Pool Masters is a few days away.

Unfortunately, Appleton wasn't able to correct those mistakes soon enough and in the end cost him too many games to catch up. Hatch continued to play strong throughout the entire set, He was like a machine with his precision cue positioning and exceptional ball pocketing ability. Dennis was an unstoppable force once he took the lead. The final score was 100-83 giving Dennis Hatch the $20,000 prize.

In the end it was an awesome match to watch. The rail made the match that much more exciting whether it was a sigh of a missed ball or the cheer of a won game. Every fans face and reaction reflected every win and every loss of their favorite player.

Pool Sharks in Las Vegas provide a great venue for this event and The Action Report covered it perfectly. Thanks to John Kutcher and Joe Cannella of Pool Sharks, Justin Collett and Chad Pollman of TAR, OB Cues, and of course Dennis Hatch and Darren Appleton for a great match.