OB Cues to sponsor The Action Report Challenge Match “Pool Sharks Shootout: Hatch vs. Appleton”

On May 4-6 at Pool Sharks in Las Vegas, NV. Two of the strongest ten ball players in the world will face off for $20,000 per man, winner take all.

Current World Ten Ball Champion Darren "Dynamite" Appleton will face Dennis "The Hatchetman" Hatch in a ten ball race to 100 over three days at Pool Sharks in the notorious "Pit" where many historic action matches have taken place over the years.

This match is sponsored by OB Cues, Diamond Billiard Products, BCA Pool Leagues and Baby's Pro Shop.

The exciting and unique TAR Race to 100 format will be played over three days. The players will play Monday May 4th until one player reaches 35 wins, they will return on Tuesday May 5th and play until one reaches 70 total victories and finish the race to 100 on Wednesday May 6th.

Fans can watch all of the action LIVE on streaming Pay Per view at www.theactionreport.com for only $25 for all three days.

This event will be a great lead in to the 2009 BCAPL 8 Ball Nationals where The Action Report will replace the now defunct Splash Bar with the TAR Bar. Come out and join us in Vegas for all of the Action!

Special thanks to John Kutcher of Pool Sharks, Royce Bunnell of OB Cues, and both of the great champions, Dennis Hatch and Darren Appleton for all of their hard work and help in putting this match together.