Hillbilly takes another Fast Eddie’s Stop

Charlie Bryant

November 15th saw the Fast Eddies Olhausen 9 Ball tour come to Lafayette Louisiana.
The event resulted in a not so impressive turnout, but those who did enter had a great time and there was lots of great play by some great players.
Top picks for the event were Charlie "Hillbilly" Bryant, Jui Lung Chen, Robert Newkirk, Derek Fontenot, and the tours right hand man, Bill Fuller.
The 5-6th spots were claimed by, Jui lung Chen and Larry Dyer. Both played really well, but were forced to take exits more quickly than most counted on. They took home $140.00 for the weekends work.
The 4th place spot was earned by, Derek Fontenot. Derek is a local man and can really put the down when he catches his gear; Derek also took 2nd in the ring game, so he had an impressive weekend. Derek received $200 for his days work.
Bill Fuller plays very hard, but, works hard as well and one just never knows which Bill might show up. This weekend it was the hungry one. Bill had a nice 3rd place finish and took home $300.
Hillbilly sent Robert Newkirk to the one loss side and Robert looked very focused and determined to come back and avenge his earlier loss. Robert fought and squeaked out Bill Fuller to get into the finals. Robert put up a good fight, but, the Hillbilly proved to be just too much this day.
Robert took home $490 for his days work and for a fine 2nd place finish.
Charlie, the Hillbilly was being just that, the Hillbilly. He won the ring game, won the tournament, and he won the Paul Summrall S&S cue as well. When you're hot you're hot. Charlie played well and really entertained the crowd. Diamond tables, {his sponsor} should be proud. Charlie took home $680 for a fine days work.
As always we wish to thank Olhausen Billiards our Title sponsor for their continued support and Generosity. They are the glue which holds this together.
James Henshew of Henshew Custom Cues was present with his fine line and doing cue repair. He does great work.
Also present, was Jack Kompan of Mystick Cues. Jack has been a constant on the tour since day one and we appreciate him so very much.
The ball was dropped and Chris Fast Eddies didn't even know of the scheduled event until just a few days prior. Still he and his crew were most gracious and deserve much thanks. A special thanks to the lovely Magen as well.
As usual, a big thanks to Fast Eddies and ownership for their continued support of the Tour and Pool in Texas. You guys are just remarkable.
That wraps up the regular season calendar and the Tours 6th year. Time flies.
December 6-7th is the date for the season Finale at the NW Military location in San Antonio Texas.
Anyone who has played in one event this year is eligible to play in this event and those who have played in 4 events are eligible for the draw of an Olhausen Pool Table donated by obviously Olhausen Billiards. This will be drawn Sunday night right before the finals.
At this event we will disclose the schedule for next year, 2009, and any possible changes for the upcoming year. I am determined to make 2009 our best yet.
For any of you not on our e-mail list, please send it to me at, lewispjones@hotmail.com. We have a new plan for this.
Thanks to all and please plan on attending the Final. It will be open to the first 128 paid entries.